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Abumaribi Basic Creativity (ABC)
Do you have ideas and business initiative you want t grow and develop in order to be successful in your aspiration?

If so, then this writeup is meant to help you succeed in your vision of being a well-to-do business personality. Be attentive with your sense of reasoning as I take you on a business travel on how to make your dream a reality. Believe me, you will be glad you read this when you fully grasp the success tips I’m about to share with you.


Are you the type that’s full of inspiring ideas and business initiatives?
The first thing you need do is to back up your ideas and business initiative with the believe that you will succeed if you undertake the ideas and initiatives.
By believing in your ideas, you’ve actually set the track of your aspiration, and you can succeed with that your ideas and initiatives.


Ideas knows no bound, especially if you are the type that has developed your psyche for idea generation. The more you reason, the more your idea generation flows.

Having believed in the possibility of succeeding with your ideas, the next step you need to undertake is to get your ideas down, to make it more meaningful, remindful and resourceful. And if you refused to get the business ideas or initiatives down, it may not have any solid foundation for the implementation later. Hence, the more reason you have to do something tangible to make the business ideas and initiatives workable and realisable.

How do you get your ideas and initiatives workable and realisable?
One of the requirements you need to undertake is to register the ideas/initiatives with a unique name that is easy to grab by your prospect clients or customers, with CAC. With this you can then progress on your initiatives.
About the CAC registration @ Abumarib Business Consulting (ABUCON), we help our clients facilitate the process without stress.

We help you do everything necessary with the token you will pay, then you get your certificate at the CAC location of your choice when the process has been completed.
The other way you can get your ideas and initiatives realisable and workable is by drafting a viable and workable plan for your initiatives.
Wonder how you can get your business plan drafted? We also offer that service @ Abumarib Business Consulting (ABUCON). All you need do is to consult us and we will be ready to help you facilitate your business and wellbeing.
Abumarib Business Consulting (ABUCON) is one of the operational sections of Abumaribi Basic Creativity (ABC).
For your CAC registration and Business Plan & Model Development, consult us @:

Call: 2348136596926



I am AbdulKabir A. Yusuf; Lead Business Consultant @ Abumarib Business Consulting (ABUCON) and the Innovative & Managing Director of Abumaribi Basic Creativity (ABC)

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About ABC:

Our business initiative comprised teams of professionals, who specialised in consulting, business development, contents management, agribusiness, fashion designing, entrepreneurial and personal development.

We are not for monopoly, neither are we competing in material; our ultimate goal is eternal success.
We improve day by day in doing what we know how to do best; by satisfying our clients with gratified and certified products and services.

We have passion for what we do and that’s why we thrive in this business of ours.

Download our Corporate Profile to know more about our products and services portfolio here: ABC Corporate Profile

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