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About House Of Salām (HOS):

In a world where many of the Ummah are unwittingly giving in to the activities of the secularist and satanist which result to the degeneration of the Ummah in spiritual and psychological thought. House Of Salām (housed by is modelled on the framework of ‘House of Wisdom‘ during the Islamic Golden era; to take up the challenges on making the Ummah recognise the beauty of Islamic heritage and how sticking to the pristine source of knowledge (Qur’ān & Sunnah) will regenerate the Ummah and leads to civilization of intention and orientation for the Ummah progression.


Core Values: IREC;
Information, Regeneration, Education, & Civilization

  • Information: Beneficial Knowledge for Contentment & Freedom from Life Shackles.
  • Regeneration: Pristine Source of Knowledge leading to the Straight Path.
  • Education: Enhancement of one’s Wisdom in dealing with life Situations.
  • Civilization: Intelligentsia insight for Rational and Emotional Enlightenment.


– Strengthening true Belief and encouraging Righteousness
– Sharing Beneficial Knowledge for understanding and Wisdom
Dawah: Calling to the path of Allah to attain felicity with Wisdom
Hisbah: Enjoining good (decency) and forbidding evil (indecency) act.
Jihad: Striving with the available resources towards the path of Allah.




A world where people are informed, regenerated, educated and civilized. For mankind to derive understanding, wisdom, and inference from the Pristine source of Knowledge (Qur’ān and Authentic Sunnah), and the Shari’a as the world constitution.



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