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HOME BREAKER By Ejika & 06198829

January 8, 2019 Children (Education) Education Family and Marriage Information Islamic Poems Women 0


How home becomes a place of fear, Like bird

We went thousands mile to get it prepared

One of instrument that makes the single get fever

The home we build with bricks, we fear it degenerate to creeks

Some homes are desolate, freedom is imprisoned

Care; a mere assumption, affection; null and void

Some home is barren pathetic; how we crushes the truth

Many home are conceived with happiness, but couldn’t give birth to it

Homes becomes house because of that, even they made their children a victim for fright

Civilization have soiled our home, broken hearts aren’t a token

As homes wail louder than waves, children suffer the pain

Just a wise saying “Canopy dethroned Kaki”, as though we hail from Apes

Thus makes some children mute and wordless

Being oppressed by parents, feels so worthless

Can’t peace reign, when its not that we are soulless

Some parent were care free, Hence, Indiscipline was seen growing like a tall tree

A child without Aqeeqoh, how will he get Aqeedah?

We made our offsprings, children with broken home

Like a broken bee, made them walk around with broken soul,

And you call yourself parents, that couldn’t protect a child that you own,

With our Soul so sullen, soaked and sad,

Like melancholic madness, runing so Mad

Many children are soaked up all the nights through transient thoughts

Haven enjoyed the disintegration of a broken home

Am sorry this not personality disorder

Am just concern of our home and kids with this disorder

And corner that our home won’t be the weakest as that of a spider

Our children quest begets the biggest test, amid the love of the wayward west,

Some children are seriously striving, for nothing but the best, but broken home debar their conquest

Fading, the hope of our home in the conquest of it quest

Some children grew up with love of music, so much, that their heart almost became plastic.

Immoral singers, was their music tycoon

They made them sing like a cataclysmic cartoon

You fear for divorce, you take it up with him with force

Did you ever feel for your children, for the happiness they have lost

Am not surprise, probably your relationship is build with deceit and not wat we call love

So children were thrown to be raised by street, unknowing to some parent they dug their pit

For our homes; the prophet said:

It was narrated that Ibn ‘Umar said:

“Allah has called them abraar (righteous) because they honoured (barru) their fathers and children

Just as your father has rights over you, so too your child has rights over you

And the prophet said:

“…The man is the shepherd of his household and is responsible for them.

The woman is the shepherd of her husband’s house and child and is responsible for them. …Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock.”

Allaahu Musta’aan


© Ejika & 06198829

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