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The way the western media spread propaganda is ridiculous and the way Muslims expose these propagandas is awesome. When the media spread propaganda against Islam, the non-Muslims easily fall for it and when evidences are shoved in their face, they play blind to it as they do not want their illusions destroyed. Citing the Orlando shooting as an example, the cameras were conveniently under maintenance and the news is yet to show one of these fifty dead bodies. Muslims ask rational questions against the propaganda of the western media. Asking them where’s the nuclear weapon they claimed they want to dispossess Iraq of, how come a building made of steel melted in the twinkle of an eye due to a plane crashing therein, body of the dead bodies in the Orlando shooting.

The Qur’an making it clear that mankind is in loss except those who have faith, do good deeds and join together in the mutual teaching of truth (Wata wasaw bil haqq), patience and constancy, the conscious Muslim strives for the truth and do not believe everything hook, line and sinker. The non-Muslim on the other hand is Islamophobia. Being perplexed by the sporadic growth of Islam in recent times, he sees Islam as a threat to his way of life which includes drinking, homosexuality to mention but a few. Such person would not hesitate to believe in propaganda spread against Islam. I will however not forget that there are many among non-Muslims who recognise these propagandas and expose them, May Allah guide them to the right path.

The atheist sees Islam as a threat to his ridiculous belief, the gay sees Islam as a threat to their disgusting sexual life, the one who charges interest sees Islam as a threat to his business while the owners of distillery and brewery companies see Islam as a threat. In other to stop Islam, they resort to propaganda and raising false flag. Unfortunately, these vices are rampant in nation where many adherents of Christianity claim the nation is a Christian nation yet the Bible sanctions all the afore listed vices. 

Let me give you a parable, this I learnt when I sat with the elders and I was given cups of knowledge and wisdom to drink from.

Imagine an old woman who doesn’t know how electric bulb works. She gets to visit her son in the city. The son being away, there was electricity supply and the electric bulb in her room gets on. In a bid to switch it off, she begins to blow and blow and blow at the bulb, her blowing, obviously, are fruitless attempts such is the case of the enemies of Islam, So Allah says, “They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.

Yureedoona liyutfi-oo noora Allahi bi-afwahihim waAllahu mutimmu noorihi walaw kariha alkafiroona”


The average non-Muslim Westerner (except those who are sincere) is such that the brain is filled with crap and propaganda resulting from the TV, unfortunately, this has extended to other parts of the world.


Those who want peace should give peace. If you can’t give peace, you don’t want peace. Aligning Islam with terrorism is a great advantage to the terrorists.  “Stereotypes are counterproductive and would lead to higher recruitment into terrorist organizations”

A non-Muslims sees you and say, you Muslims have killed again, won’t you condemn their action? Why is he expecting you to condemn their action if he truly believes that’s you’re a part of them?

At this juncture, we do not need orange and pineapple Sheikhs who are quick to start posting and tweeting being sorry for the acts of an ignorant person, sending condolences to Bunches of spreaders of fitnah, standing in solidarity with them. Such sheikhs should be taught to start sending condolences to the dead in Gaza, the raped in Bosnia, the deformed of Iraq, the shattered of Syria and Co. 

What happened in America happens every day in some other countries. If one life doesn’t matter, no life matter, if one life matters, all lives matter. 

When any ignorant person commits a crime, We Muslims do not owe no swine eater, gay, atheist, any apology. Even when your wife is not covered, when you don’t pray, you automatically become a Sheikh and devout Muslim when you commit a crime. 


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman 

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