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If Morayo (TVC’s Your View host) had known that her flaux would deal on her a public lash, and perhaps marriage crash (which I don’t pray for), she would have cautioned her restless, reckless tongue from briddling the fluff she recently spewed on her Tweeter account.

She claimed to trust her husband, but would never allow him bath her daughter because of fear of incestophilia. She must have thought that her fans would take to such a thinko hook, line and sinker, but the dance to the song rather turned out a phenomenon against the singer. Morayo Afolabi-Brown must have been dismayed, too the rate at which the same fans of hers have flown the gaffe beyond her grasp. I can imagine the degree of trauma she will be going through right now. Sorry sis, it’s a lesson for another day. You just learned that as a public figure, you’ve got to be meticulous in your opinionations, especially ones that have to do with the king that housed you in his palace as queen.

Yes, incest (sexual relations between close relatives, especially immediate family members) is real, and the evil is on the high side these days. Apparently, cases of fathers having carnal knowledge of their daughters abound. That brings to mind an audio I came across on social media a couple of weeks ago, where a father and a daughter’s sexual relationship of years was exposed by the lady’s boyfriend. This is a clear indication that incestual practice on this part of the planet is real.

But why conclude that all fathers are prone to incestophilia simply because the shame is a little rampant? You want to bar a father (your husband) from bathing or cleaning his own daughter for fear of ending up an incestophile. Then you should also be on the red alert whenever they are together: in a public vehicle where the girl sits on her father’s laps; or when the man returns from the office or a journey and the baby girl gives him an affectionate daughterly hug – the man lifts his daughter high, reciprocates the gesture with a fatherly kiss. Maybe you will have to forbid that, too.

Insinuation – especially one that is verbally expressed – does stimulate what is not intended into action. That is the psychological nature of man. If something isn’t said, the mind may never think of it. But if it is, the head may get a message from the mind and action may be eventually taken.

It doesn’t matter who or how the girl is bathed, incest will happen where the man is morally bankrupt and/or spiritually afflicted with the psychiatric derangement. The one who drinks himself to stupor is prone to swimming in this muddy, filthy ocean. This is because the liquor consumed has taken over his thinking faculty, and at that point, nothing is wrong to him.

As there are men whose moral sense is ruptured, so the righteous ones are still on earth. I pray the lady does not suffer an ouster from her conjugal bond. I hope the husband would not be sunk in anger on account of his wife’s mistrust.

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