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Going Home By Abu A’ish Mk Albani

March 14, 2018 Islamic Poems 0

Home is the smile on her face
Which makes him forget today’s struggle and ready for tomorrow’s race
Marriage is half his faith
The rest won’t be hard to pace

Home is like a body when a part is sick
The rest too can not sleep
But sometimes it feels like our brothers in Palestine do not exist
But Home is also hope , Home is success and holding the means to it

Home is wherever Mom is
May Allah bless… And she’s no doubt the best
If it weren’t for Mom, Home will not be missed
With Mom, Home is where all good things are reserved
And after supper we will be having dessert

Home is…
Standing at the crossroads
After opening the last door
Now you are left with “Should I go left or right”
To have an insight you have to look for the light
Because Home can only be Paradise

And you know what?
A house is not a Home
It has no value without it
And no difference from a  tomb
So don’t expect anybody to visit

Home is…
Women being half the nation and building up the rest
So in every Home, children are taught: Be honest, this world is a test
Reflect and implement,
Respect and treat no lady like some object

Home is how close your heart is to your Lord
A Home that is empty is a soul with no goal
Remember everything else is cursed except that very Home

Home is travel cause there is wisdom in it
But sometimes it feels like: better to be gone with the wind
Home is the one place you shouldn’t leave
And if you’ve left, it is high time you came back
Not only because you can not find your way in the dark
But because Home is happiness, Home is righteousness and also a call
Home is an open door for all

Abu A’ish Mk Albani

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