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By default, everyone was born a Muslim. As we grow, we are taught many religions. Many of us found ourselves practising Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam etc.

Those who grow up as Muslims cannot really be true Muslims till they find Islam. Islam as religion need to be found. It is by finding Islam that one becomes conscious of his status as a Muslim then practically obeys the tenets of the Deen.

Many Muslims today do not understand a bit about Islam but they are Muslims so far they bear Ibrahim, Muhammad, Aminat etc.

In raising Children, as we teach them how to pray, teach them adhkar etc, it is important that we make them understand WHY they should not just HOW they should.

As children grow up, they mix with people from other religions, languages, colours, tribes, culture and tradition. When the Deen is imposed rather than taught, there comes a time when a child becomes a man then begins to reason and question. Then, what was imposed will not help but what was made to be understood.

AlhamduliLlahi Robbil ‘Alameen, A brother messaged me from Dr. Ahmad Holderness. He had been practising Islam and Christianity for a while. Torn between which way to follow, he started asking questions.

Alhamdulillah, I talked to him on phone for about 30 mins and he renewed his faith by uttering the testimony of faith.

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