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April 20, 2019 Articles On Islam Family and Marriage House Of Salam (HOS) Regeneration Women 0


For the fact that all these false conceptions are devilish to the nature of mankind, more reason I’ve focused on shaking the table and probably restore it to it normal state.
The last series was an explicit analysis into the conception of feminism and the evil therein. Read here:


This gift series is to curb the bad rubbish and the corruption the feminist conception has spread on the earth. This time around I’m going into a tribe heritage in West Africa; Nigeria.

The analysis I’m presenting to you is from a natural perspective. You will realised that this feminism is a conspiracy theory that was developed to cause hatred in gender.

Thus, know that you are not safe on their damage if you allow this illusion to continue.


This I say: “Whenever you see a Yorùbá supporting feminist equality and other false theory, kindly help them put their thinking straight.

You will really help some supposed educated personalities reorient and put their psyche into the state of normalcy.

If you talk about the false devilish feminist conception.
I tell you it’s a degenerative conception that’s no more than whims from those who are either ignorant on the law of nature or they’ve been controlled by the evil spirit among the jinn not to content themselves with the Divine will.


Now let me take your psyche on a tribal journey in order to open your mind on why you have to ‘curb the evils of feminism’.
Yorùbá is used as our illustration here and we are only focusing on the names given to the females:

1. What about all those beautiful and cherished names given to the females and not to the males?

2. Isn’t that a sign that women; Mothers, Wives, Sisters, and Daughters enjoy more virtuous state of lifestyle than their gender counterpart?


To mention a few of these Yorùbá names:

Ìyániwúrà: an honourable name denoting that mothers are (even more than) Gold.

Wúràọlá: a dignified name that women are the Golden honour in any place.

Ọmọlàbákẹ́: a name denoting that daughters should be cherished in all manners.

Kíkẹ́lọmọ: denoting that daughters are meant to be cared for.

Adéṣẹwà: a Royal name denoting that females are beautiful

Ọmọ́wùnmí: denoting the need for daughters

Ọmọlẹwà: denoting that daughters are the beauty of the world.

Àríké: denoting that women deserve care wherever they are seen.

Ẹ́wàtómi: Beauty of a woman is enough (as blessing)

Fìwàṣẹwà: meaning that; attitude serves as the essence of beauty. Meaning; the well-mannered woman is a jewel.

Adédiwúrà: a Royal name beautifying and dignifying that women are precious comparing to (even more than) how Gold is cherished.

Àti béè béè lọ (and so on)…


These are other (Yorùbá) beautiful and loving names are to dignify, beautify, and signify how crucial the position of women is, in our life.

The fact is that, it’s only those who are ignorant of there cherished and virtuous stature that will fall prey and become the object of maltreatment.


You have to be wise by acquiring beneficial knowledge and also learn your divine duties well to be able to distinguish yourself as the unique personality you truly are.

So I say to those who sold their birthright for meager mankind false conception; go struggle for it now.
You may have yourself to be blamed for accepting illogical and unnatural conception.


This is a wake up call for those who indulge in sheer nonsense and refused acquire the required skills and knowledge that will make them fit for their Divine roles.

You will be able to maintain your virtuous and dignified state if you are contented with your roles from heritage.
Wise up and stop following bad rubbish!

To the feminist; we do not need your devilish and false conception in our unique Yorùbá heritage. Take back your evil package of destruction.

Thank You; Don’t mention!.


I’m AbdulKabir A. Yusuf; a Feminist Antagonist and a proud indigenous of westernmost land of Nigeria.


© Abumaribi
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