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Don’t break your fast while your brother is hungry!



Muslim come from far distance,trekking to Akinrunla mosque on Ogundare street Ile-epo, oke-ode!
They don’t mind the distance as long as they are able to get their iftaar that you help provide!

Four years ago, an elderly man told us that he makes his children go to the masjid early so that they get their one real meal a day. If they don’t get to be fed there,they either go hungry with no iftaar or they take pap alone!

A Hausa man who probably works in the market close by was seen dividing his portion of food into two. When he was asked, he said he takes meal at iftaar,and the rest at Sahur!

We do not want to disappoint the large percentage of very low income close to poverty majority that Feeding The Fasting caters for at Iftaar. We will need the following to feed this year,please help us realize this project!

To feed 1 fasting Muslim per day = #500.
To Feed 1 fasting Muslim for 30 days = 15000.
To feed 1000 fasting Muslims for 1 day = #500,000.
To feed 1000 muslims for 30 days=15,000,000.

Pay into Feeding The Fasting SMD Vent Gtbank 0320489225

Below,is the story so far…

Ramadhaan is around the corner and we ask you to join the camp of the helpers in feeding the fasting!
In the last four Ramadhaan,we have fed with the help of Allah and your generous contributions well over 20,000 poor muslims so!

Last Ramadhaan, we fed over 12,000 poor and indigent Fasting Muslims and wayfarers. The location was the “Akinrunla masjid on Ogundare street ile epo, oke ode”.
This year,we are helping with your aid a new Muslim community masjid specifically in Katangua. The community is home to the poor and orphan muslims. We will continue with our old location too innshallah.

The meals are cooked close by but transported to the masjid. Each meal pack per person includes dates, water, beef/fish/chicken and of course the main dish. We cook different kinds of meals for each day of the week (Jollof,white rice with sauce,Fried rice,Rice and beans with sauce,koko and Moi-moi,Bread and beans).

In total,we hope we feed 1000 fasting muslims at the very least every day biidhnillah!

Because we have fed the fasting for 4 years at the particular location,it’s become expected with raised hope we continue!

We cannot do this alone without your help, cash and kind. We hope you will rebroadcast this message so many people become aware before the month arrives. Hopefully,we can start the good deeds by having the intention to feed the Fasting and by starting the donations NOW! Since we feed basically the Miskin, you can also fulfil your “fidyah” obligations with FTF innshallah.

We also give raw food stuffs to widows,orphans, divorcees and poor Muslim families to feed in the month of Ramadhaan. You may donate raw food stuffs for this,or send in cash to be able to buy the food stuffs(Please indicate “Food stuff” if payment is for this.) .
No amount is too small,no help is insignificant!


Please help share,broadcast/tweet this message now so as to reach as many people as we can.
May Allah ease and rectify our affairs.

For further information,please call Shariifah Yunus on :
(you may send sms or whatapp chat too) 08023637802 or 09024987831

Visit the FTF website portal for more:


Feeding The Fasting With SMD,Bringing Solace A Meal At A Time…

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