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FAITH BY BARTER By Sanni Kay. Yusuf


The king genuflected on ‘Eid ground as done the muslims. That he wasn’t originally a part of the congregation reflected in his self-styled prostration. While others had their heads on the ground, the king’s rather floated in the air. While the congregants’ palms were temporarily glued to the mats, the king’s were rather inserted into each other. And laughable enough, the ignominy was noticeable to the cameras, as he had been apportioned a special space in the front row. So I ask: is it a must that a non-muslim monarch align self to Islam?

I recently saw a video of the same king make a tale of how Islam (the religion he knows nothing about its mode of worship) was originated by Oodua with Prophet Ibraheem as a disciple. In exaggerated verve, he posed that Oodua was the first to go on ‘Arafah which was and till today replicated by muslims. What a narration too illogical to be accorded a listening ear!

If the Ooni had been properly tutored by the alfas close to him, he might have probably cautioned his tongue from bridling such an unempirical tale. If he had been educated about the prerequisites of solah, he mightn’t have considered worshipping the Lord in desecration. The king should have been enlightened that to join in the observance of solah, he must wholeheartedly embrace Islam i.e. all deities (Ogun Osoosi, for instance) jettisoned and his servitude, henceforth, directed to no other but the supreme Being – Allah. And that Muhammad was sent as a prophet and messenger to warn against the worship of mortal gods. He would then take the ritual bath that would cleanse him off the filth of fetishism, polytheism and anachronism that brought him to power. He would thereafter be taught how to connect with Allah via solah. Islam has a template for everything. It is no religion that can be practised as desired by individual, irrespective of status.

The aforementioned may be difficult to achieve because of the disappointing disposition of some alfas to the worship of idols. It’s been faith by barter all their lives. Covertly, and overtly at times, they are seen participate in the worship of idols – the reason some of the idolaters will confidently, mockingly say they are spiritually better than imams, sheikhs etc. This is why clerics in this unfortunate category will preach that Cesar be given what belongs to him, as if such a maxim had any space in the Qur’an. They will say it is religious tolerance. I wonder if they had ever come across Suratul Kaafiruun as short as it is, which is ended thus: “Let your religion be yours, and mine be mine.”

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