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Easter: Between Trouble-Making and Setting Record Straight By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

April 1, 2018 Articles On Islam Comparative Religion 0

Who should be concerned, worry, criticize other people’s festivals if not a trouble-maker? A trouble maker is that person that causes difficulties, distress, worry, pain etc for other people especially when it is done habitually as a matter of malice.

Before bringing up this topic, I checked articles I have written on Jesus being the son of God, the Crucifixion, the blood atonement and as I attempted to start writing this, I said to myself, “would you not be seen as a trouble-maker?”. I have seen many Christians asking christian apologists to leave Muslims alone, also, I know many Muslims who do not want to hear anything about comparative religion.

I talked to myself then concluded that this is no trouble-making rather a further attempt in setting the record straight. Many do ask why comparative lecturers do not take Hindus, Buddhists, atheists etc so serious compared to Christians. in answering this, it is important to know the historical background of Islam and Christianity. Taking into cognizance that both have Abraham as their father of faith, they share many prophets together going a step further in beating Judaism to eat by having belief in Jesus Christ though this belief is the cause of many debates for centuries given difference of opinions, the divinity of Jesus Christ, for example.

Simply put, Christians and Muslims are like two brothers with same ancestors, both saying different stories about these ancestors. It is that we will/would not take! We will continue to put it to the Christians that most of the stories they narrate about these prophets we share together are lies. Though common ancestors, the Christians do not regard Noah and Lot. The former cannot be said to be much of a prophet, the latter does not get close to “pro” to have had a “phet”. Better if they left them how they are but No! They accuse them of adultery, daughters impregnated, drunkenness, they attribute to them. Do they not say same about David? Do they revere Solomon? We Muslims consider these stories fabricated against these prophets as an attempt to demean and disparage them to validate the claim that those who came before  Jesus were thieves and robbers. Obnoxious!!!


We cannot come to terms with illogical and irrational stories attributed to those we consider prophets of God. That we share these prophets, roots, history makes us get concerned when they have religious festivals having to do with any of them because they are not telling their stories but fabrications.


With glaring evidences, we have put it to Christians that Jesus did not die for the sins of humanity. To have died for humanity, he must have been sent to humanity but Matthew 10:5-6 and Matthew 15:24 tell us that Jesus was sent to the lost sheep of Israel. If we were to agree to disagree that he was sent to the whole world, he (Jesus) did not die. What type of God dies?(If he was God) and were we to agree to disagree that he died, he could not have died for the sins of humanity as Deuteronomy 24:16 and Ezekiel 18:20 put it that no one shall die for the sins of another.


Not to turn the article to a book, kindly educate yourself with this masterpiece gathered by brother Funsho Animashaun on the CruciFICTION of Jesus Christ




In the book, “Truth for the Truth Seekers”, I submitted a satire that even if Jesus died, he came to die for his own sins or his father’s for the bible says anyone who kills shall be killed. The death of the children of Egypt, the death of Uzza, the infants of  the Amalekites, their sucklings, ox and sheep were, according to the bible killed by God or Jesus (if we agree he is God) hence a need to validate the law of killers shall be killed.


On another note, for about five years, I have been wondering how Jesus who was reported to have died at 33 years is a lamb of God and 2,000 years is gone, still a lamb? When someone said to be, “Jesus died and was risen”, it took me a while to understand that it is April fool.


Those who requested for copies of the book, “Truth for the Truth Seekers” should be patient, we are republishing soon, In Shaa Allah.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

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