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EASE HER BURDEN By Sanni Kay Yusuf.

April 15, 2019 Uncategorized 0


The daily rigor embedded in motherhood is stressfully cumbersome. Women do not only take care of their husbands, they ensure the home (the children inclusive) is in commendable, enviable order. Coupled with that is the rigor of their office or commercial obligations. Women are wonderful creatures!

A mother of three growing kids request her husband a washing machine to ease her domestic stress. “Though I have the money, but I won’t buy it for you, because it will render you lazy,” he replied.

Any man who thinks in the above direction – in this age – must be thinking through his anus. It is a different ball game if he has no financial potency to do so. But to deny his wife a demand for ease on account of the aforesaid is, for me, a display of the height of pathological conservatism.

There are various ways to make one’s wife happy. One of them is to ease her domestic burden through technology, especially when they have added stress i.e children.

Make your wife happy; you shall see the good side of her.


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