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The football match was slated for 7pm, and was to end a few minutes before 9pm. Maghrib was 7.04pm, and ‘Ishaa 8.20pm. He had stayed gummed to the TV screen relaxedly listening to the pre-match analysis and anticipating the start of the footing encounter.

Allaahu akbaru Llaahu akbar…,” the Mu’azhin called out for prayer as usual. But he never heeded the call – of course, the match was greater than his Lord who could deem his sight no more fit to see or even cease his breath on the spot. “After all, I will marry it with Ishaa,” Shaitan whispered to him.

When the Super Eagles’ net was hit with a goal, his hands were stretched forward in prayer. To whom? To the One whose call he had jettisoned and whose worth he had reduced. How possible? In no distant time, he brought out a rosary with his lips danced in invocation for an equalizer. You know, no one deceives himself much than a statue which requested to be taken to the stream for a shower. Rosary ko, robbery ni! Prayer ko, player ni.


The second half began some minutes before 8. And at 50 minutes into the match, the opponents were netted. “What a prayer-answered equalizer!” he shouted.

…hayya ‘alas-solaah. Hayya ‘alal falaah…,” the Mu’azhin did as done for Maghrib. It was time for ‘Ishaa. He didn’t move an inch; he rather sat glued to the screen with his rosary in his hand and his lips dancing to the unknown song. Wasn’t he supposed to go thank his Lord if truly the goal was prayer-answered? His commonsense which had been subjugated by shaitan could not tell him that.

As the match was winding down, the Super Eagles were netted for a lead. Taken by shock, the ‘rosarimaniac‘ brought out his rope again and danced his lips to the usual, silent song. But lo and behold, the match ended in a loss to the Argentines. What a double, triple, quadruple, quintuple jeopardy! Mundane and spiritual losses at a go.


Thousands, if not millions of Muslims are guilty of the scenario pictured above. Shaitan has taken over their hearts through football. So they jettison the call of their Lord for the crush by shaitan. They don’t want to miss a moment of a match, but they can afford to miss not just a raka’ah but a whole solaah. It is worse that they even marry Zhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and ‘Ishaa together, all in the name of their “lust” for football. Some do not even bother to observe them at all because the cummulation is apparently an unbearable burden.

Loss or win, the players will earn their money in multiple digits. Loss or win, you gain nothing. Is that worth jettisoning the hereafter for? Sometimes, the imam prays alone. Where are male members of the mosque? They have been tied down by shaitan in the viewing centers, or at home – watching football. Inna lillaahi wa innaa ileihi raaji’uun!


Repent, my brother! Change your way, my sister. The sun is still sufficient to dry off your wet cloth.



© Sanni Kay Yusuf

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