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​So, every day in a year, some families are visited with sorrow, the news of a dead person. It goes on visiting different families, no matter how hard we pray, it would still bounce on us.

Death can turn out to be ironic. Imagine a father telling his son, “My son, I am getting closer to the grave” whereas the son is closest to the grave.

Death takes a wife from her husband and vice versa, a son /daughter from parent. Death that is unpredictable.

Death that knows no age, no colour, no tribe, insooth death knows not social and financial status. Death that takes the healthy and leave the sick in agony, yet, it is unconcerned.

Before I was born, people had been dying and after I was born, people had died, I have grown and people are still dying no matter how great and rich they are. Some people who are dear to me had died and tears rarely come out of my eyes. Then, I remember myself that no matter how much I am loved or respected, no one would volunteer to be buried with me, then I concluded that, I do not need to live according to how people want me to live but how Allah wants me to.

When I ventured to search for the purpose of life, I found out that the purpose of life is living with a purpose. And then what purpose than to worship our LORD given that the main purpose of our creation is to worship him.

Someone is buried with a golden coffin and another with the worst of woods, the point is they are both lifeless. I remember myself about that time that not houses, not cars, not our bank accounts would save us but our deeds.

You say you are older, nay, you are only opportuned to have seen more days, the older person is the dead and anyone is at risk of dying regardless of the age.

How much have we deceived ourselves? I will turn to God when am 30, no 40, no, 60…what if you never reach 28?

Ah! I rarely cry, but I lament and I always feel that pain whenever I remember a dead one, I wonder how my end would be. I will be lifeless, people crying, wailing and after that, that’s all, who would die because one died but a fool.

O Death!!! How fair!! The murderer and the murdered, both will cease to exist, the oppressor and the oppressed, the duper and the duped, the white and black, the master and the servant, the rich and the poor…… Death does justice to.

Are we not likened to rivers that run into a sea, the sea does not get full but go back to where they come from???

Prophet Muhammed (saw) said “There are two reasons you should not wish death for yourself. One, to do more good deeds and two, to ask for more forgiveness” …


La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah

May Allah (SWT) grant our dead and us, Al jannah. Ameen ya Allah


Bashir LuCas Samson Lukman 

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