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DAPCHI GIRLS By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

The release of some girls kidnapped by Boko Haram shows how many things we need to correct before we can think of moving forward in this country. This is a part of the world that people pursue their interests at the expense of the obvious and apparent. We aim to pursue these interests based on religion, tribalism and of course, political parties/association and affiliation.

What country moves forward with religitards, ethnocentric, unreasonable people who lack constructive and objective criticism and those who follow, hail and praise blindly. We cannot argue that religious and tribal differences have contributed to the pathetic state of the nation. Meanwhile, these factors are not problems till we mix them with politics giving birth to hypocrisy, nepotism, and blind-following.

Though not a big fan of late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, I cannot but confess that he told us some truths we should pay attention to. The Imam stands up to speak against bad politicians, he asks them to fear Allah, the Jama’aah begin to discuss among themselves, lamenting on how badly the politicians are running the country. A politician considered to be very corrupt walks in, says an ‘Aslam malayku’ (as he cannot even say the As-salaam ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wabarakatuhu properly), drops some millions and the Jama’aah condemning him will stand to sing his praises.

That politician that the church thinks should not have the courage to walk around comes inside the church, pledges some millions and some acres of land then the narratives change. The pastor rises up to bring Christ into politics. He says, “Soldiers of Christ, rise up, get your PVC and vote out these Mullards, the Muhammedans”

Yeah, it is in the authentic texts that leaders should not be criticized publicly but the Imam is robbing the texts to pursue his own interests. “Pray for him. Let us vote for our brother for the sake of Allah”, he says when he is merely pursuing his interest. These people vote in the Muslim but the Muslims are still called terrorists, Niqabites, Hijabis are still victimized and oppressed.

How much is the tithe of our pastor? From whence come this cars? The pot-bellied, money-loaded pastors convince the members to vote for a Christian for Christ’s sake when he is indeed motivated by money and doing it for Dollars’ sake. This is the ugly situation we are in! The man shouts Biafra while pursuing his interest, Arẹwà! But for his ambitions, Afenifere! But for his goals!

When it was reported that Boko Haram kidnapped some girls in Dapchi, the Wailers’ club saw that as an opportunity to convince people of President Buhari’s ‘incompetence’. “He is slow, old and should not run in 2019″, they say. Given the several lamentations, one would think the kidnapped girls’ story so touches them that they became kind of erratic. With these lamentations and unending wailing, any lame man would think they would organize a party when these girls are released or freed but NO!!!. When the president was sick, many prophesied that he will not leave the sick-bed and that he would die there. When then did they or to what did they lost this clairvoyance to that they cannot see that the Dapchi girls’ story was ”staged, acted”?. Now that some of these girls were released, we begin to hear another story. How can we want what we don’t want? How can we call for the release of girls that their release would lead to another round of wailing?!

On the other hand, the hailing party themselves are a bit ridiculous. Why should anyone call for the hailing of a president doing what he should? In the first place, it is the duty of the president to see to the security of lives and properties of his citizens, the release of Dapchi girls is not a favour done to anyone but a government doing what it was called to do, serving its purpose. That an earlier president was negligent is not also an argument for a mandatory hailing of a president doing his job or have we had so much negligent leaders that carrying ones duty is a favour done to the citizens? Just like the Wailers, the Hailers are not free from extremism in this regard.

Now, another story being circulated is that a girl was not released because she refused to abandon Christianity for Islam. I wish I am somewhere in the heavens, as people begin to argue out the religious aspect of the Dapchi saga on Nairaland, Facebook etc, I will look down and say, “Mad People”. I am beginning to think that we need to destroy all schools in this country, sack all teachers, then build new schools with new teachers after they must have gone through several tests. What is the purpose of our educational system when journalism stinks and people fall for unintelligent stories? When the news of the release of Dapchi girls broke out, I commended my Friend, Boss and Brother, Sulaiman Aledeh. Of the first ten websites I read about the release from, used “Some Girls” while many others gave the impression that all the girls were released. Silly headlines! Very few people earn my respect. So far, Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma, Sulaiman Aledeh and Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri (ETN24), Abubakar Rasheed, Sulaiman Aledeh and Dr. Craig Consindine are those I have seen that are on the same page with me as regards how Journalism should be! It is this spirit that gave birth to to correct many misleading headlines against Islam.

We have started seeing stories calling the church to pray for the girl against ‘Islamic terrorists’. Also, those who utterly detest Islam and Muslims have seen another opportunity to bash Muslims and Islam. I only wonder how an adult would look at a Muslim, tell him Boko Haram are true Muslims when in reality, he does not want the over 1 billion Muslims to practice this his own version of ‘True Islam’. I am not quoting verses nor giving any evidences to prove that Boko Haram do not represent Islam. Buy, sell and spread the story so it would lead to easier recruitment into terrorist organizations like Boko Haram as they will definitely gain sympathy from some ignorant people given their unnecessary affiliation with religion.

So, Boko Haram need Muslims so they kidnapped Muslims too. What religion did they embrace before Boko Haram released them? If a Christian needs to embrace Islam before she is released, what religion does a kidnapped Muslim needs to embrace before she is released?

As long as we mix Religion and Tribalism with politics, our leaders’ success would be our headache and their flaws our joy and the best and worst leader would be defined based on tribe and religion. In that case, we have no good or bad leader and we might never have as it would depend on who is telling the story.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman (CEO,

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