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Inasmuch as the means is still from the same (one) source.
Never mind about judging other people’s lifestyle, it will always revolves round the Divine Plan.

Hence, let every man of knowledge act according to their knowledge.
Do not condemn (in destructive criticism) other people of knowledge when their conviction happened to contradict your own opinion.

If you are going to criticise, try to make it a constructive criticism,
And apply your correction techniques with leniency and politeness.

Never be too forward to tag others with your badmouthing techniques.
That traits is too bad for your reputation, if you but know.

You are not sure if your righteous deeds are accepted,
So never act too fast to sentence others to the eternal abode they do not wish for themselves.

The rule of thumb is:
If the standards is derived from the Divine means (Pristine Source),
It’s never your right to claim you know more than the others.

If you do that, you will be selling your humility for cheap price, and at the expense of your Taqwa (Piety).

Will you like your eternal rewards to be exchanged for publicity? I don’t think so.
As long as the knowledge base got it means from the Straight Path Source; ‘the end will justify the means‘.

Know your stance in the religion of Islam.
Make a good riddance to your badmouth, loudmouth, destructive criticism, and condemnation.


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