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CLOSER THAN A GARMENT By Muhammad al-Jibaly

August 5, 2018 Education English Family and Marriage House Of Salam (HOS) Islamic Scholars' Arena 0

CLOSER THAN A GARMENT By Muhammad al-Jibaly


Marriage holds a position of perpetual significance because of the central role it plays in human life. It is not surprising,
therefore, that the scholars of Islam have discussed it extensively through the ages. Under the contemporary influence of non-Islamic cultures, however, misconceptions have crept into various areas of Islam – spilling into marriage, divorce, and other family-related matters.

This book from the series ‘The Muslim Family’ covers a number of different aspects in marriage, including human sexuality, Islamic etiquettes of intimacy, prohibited acts of intimacy, ghusl, the ‘awrah, zina’, birth control, indecent acts, and more. It answers many frequently-asked questions about various acts of intimacy.

Download: CLOSER THAN A GARMENT By Muhammad al-Jibaly

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