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Know Islam, Know Paradise


  ON HIJAB, LAW SCHOOL & CALL TO BAR. “Meanwhile sources at the ICC stated that before the ceremonies were to begin, all Muslims were respectfully asked to remove their hijabs prior to entering the hall. This request was complied with by all the Muslims present except Amasa Firdaus who vehemently refused to remove hers.…
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The city of Jerusalem is said to have been destroyed at least twice, besieged 23 times,attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times. Politics, Religion or Religio-Political movement contribute mostly to these destruction, attacks and captures starting from the defeat of the Canaanites, Siege of Jerusalem ( 636-637), the destruction of Jerusalem by the…
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DISCHARGED ALIVE !!! – Dedicated to Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

  Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery, Today remains a Gift, An oportunity to give our life a Lift! His sourjorn to the Sick World, Can’t be captured by mere Word, It was full of Lessons, Am sure He says AlhamduLillaah for lots of Reasons! Seeing patients like him dying was hard to Take, It…
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…AND THE WOMAN IS HUMAN, TOO. By Sanni Kay. Yusuf The woman should be receptive of the other woman as a partner in progress, not as a rock in rivalry. This is the ideal of Islam; the reality of the era; and the truth of the matter. But it is apparently not easy for the…
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Mufti Menk to Storm Abuja, Nigeria for Peace and Unity Convention

1Ummah present the Third (3rd) annual Peace and Unity convention.   DAY ONE; Date : Saturday, 2nd December 2017. Venue : A-Class Park, Abuja.     DAY TWO; Date : Sunday, 3rd December 2017. Venue : International Conference Centre, Abuja.   Time : 9am prompt   Other speakers expected at the programme organised by the…
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PRIZE FOR VIRGINITY By Sanni K. Yusuf Murewa was married to Ajibola in a colourful, memorable wedding ceremony. Felicitators wined, dined and had leftovers to go home with – a sign that much was significantly expended on eatables and drinkables by the parents. Half a decade into the conjugality, no fruits of the womb to…
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  Whenever I set my eyes on them, My mind goes Ma Shaa Allah, My face smirks, My tongue alters Barakallahu feekum, And I remember the instruction, Lower your gaze, No matter the numbers that pass me by, The feeling is the same irrespective of their names, I have a crush on them, Not a…
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<<< THE LAST LINE >>>> Crying while I’m typing, Typing while I’m Crying. . . This is harsh, a dark civility, Never a trash, a stack  reality . . . The Jumping and Fronting for raw Cash, Could but vanish by mere Flash . . . The love of Money is Killling, For its modesty…
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THE STINGY HUSBAND By Sanni Kay. Yusuf A stingy man who expects monetary sacrifice from his woman is worse than an embezzler of a people’s common wealth. Stinginess means a deliberate inability to give from what is owned. The stingy man has financial potency, but is not willing to share from it. He is tight-fisted…
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Quran, The Unrevised Scripture

QURAN, THE UNREVISED SCRIPTURE. There are different ways to prove that the Qur’an is the word of God, which has always been true and has never been subjected to change or distortion. These proofs can be classified into three types: the way the Qur’an was transmitted throughout the centuries, some challenging verses within the Qur’an…
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