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Know Islam, Know Paradise

Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma Exposes Fake Ex-Muslim

  Ma Shaa Allah, as promised!!! About 3 or 4 years ago, I met some sects of Christians online, and interestingly, there were Islamic names attached to their names. First was Sadiq Steve , and the other was Sadiq Ohida. I thought they were of the same family going by their names. They started posting…
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November 22, 2017 0

ACADIP IBADAN BRANCH Invites the Public to 3-Days Public Lecture

  ACADIP Ibadan Branch in conjunction with The Muslim Community Omi- Adio Invites the general public to a 3-Days Public lecture   Theme: The Truth in the Quran and the Bible Speaker: Mallam Abdul-Hafeez Ishaq (Ameer, ACADIP Ibadan Branch) Date: Friday 24th – Sunday 26th of November 2017. Venue : Omi – Adio Motor Park…
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November 22, 2017 0

KAAFIR!!! KAAFIR!!! KAAFIR!!! (Salafists without Salafs)

KAAFIR!!! KAAFIR!!! KAAFIR!!! (Salafists without Salafs) One who does not know about Islam  would think that Da’wah is about  declaring people to be  non-Muslims. The way some people go about Da’wah today, one would think that they earn rewards based on the number of people they declare as Kaafir. Da’wah which should be calling to…
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November 11, 2017 0

They keep seeing Jesus…

  It is no news that Christianity cannot survive without lies, propaganda and fabrications. We keep hearing tales of people seeing Jesus but none of them can tell us how Jesus exactly looks like. Propaganda is like orgasm to Christians especially when it is against Islam. They share and terrorize people with it. You hear…
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October 20, 2017 0

Response to Pastor Ajisafe’s hate speech against Islam – Elkas Sannoh

Nigerian Pastor and General Overseer of Santuary Praise Church-Victor Ajisafe has made reckless comments againt Islam to drag this Country into a state of religious conflict. He said in one of his preachings at the Church auditorium, Sawi Drive off Kingharman Road in Freetown that “we only have two religions in Sierra Leone-Idol Worshipping and…
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September 28, 2017 0

Bible says Canaanites were wiped out by Israelites but scientists just found their descendants living in Lebanon

‘You shall not leave alive anything that breathes. But you shall utterly destroy them’ The Canaanite city of Sodom is destroyed by God It is a command that led the leading atheist Richard Dawkins to claim that the God of the Old Testament was “a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser … a genocidal … megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic,…
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July 29, 2017 0

Who was “that prophet” John 1:19-21?

  In the New Testament, we found out that the Jews were expecting the fulfilment of the prophecy “ONE LIKE MOSES” in Deuteronomy 18:18. When Jesus (pbuh) claimed to be the Messiah of the Jews, the Jews began to enquire as to where was Elias? The Jews had a parallel prophecy that before the coming…
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July 15, 2017 0

Refuting the Testimony and Conversion Experience Of Alhaji Ahmed Ado Bayero, the son of the Emir of Kano, now Brother Paul Ado Bayero!

We seek refuge in Allah from shaytan, the rejected. In the name of God. the Most Beneficent , the Most Merciful. Whoever is guided by Almighty God , no one can Misguide him and surely, whoever is misguided no one can guide him Except Almighty God. The God of Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac,…
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June 23, 2017 2

In response to a statement attributed to Australian Prime Minister, “Julia Gillard”

This article is a response to a statement attributed to Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. Read the article here Any sincere seeker of truth should know that it cannot be proven that the Prime Minister said this. Those that are well acquainted with the church cannot be surprised. Many books and articles had been written…
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June 21, 2017 1

Refuting CAN, Femi Fani Kayode and Apostle Sulaiman on Islamization Agenda

CURRICULUM CONTROVERSY Background info: The new curriculum merged Civic Education, IRS, CRK and Social Studies into “Religion and National Values”. Each is separately taught and Christians don’t offer IRS while Muslims don’t CRS except they choose to. Also, French and Arabic were introduced as subjects, students are expected to choose one of these foreign languages.…
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June 19, 2017 0