Trump orders more Iran sanctions as Saudis show attack evidence

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he has ordered a major increase in sanctions on Iran in the latest move of the United States to pressure Tehran, which US officials say likely carried out a crippling weekend attack on Saudi oil facilities, allegations Iran denies. Trump gave no explanation in a brief tweet announcing the order,…

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  I saw it first on Facebook as picture. I was like, “this is a photoshopped image. Somebody actually doctored it. A good artist must have cropped Jesus from one of his fake pictures into the middle of the two ladies I saw him”. But to my amazement, my guess…

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Except Allah helps Uyghur Muslims

  A group of 22 nations signed a letter addressed to the president of the UN Human Rights Council and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calling on China to end its massive detention program in Xinjiang The signatories expressed concern about “credible reports of arbitrary detention” in Xinjiang…

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Another Step Taken –

AlhamduliLlah, at, we have taken another step in bringing pristine Islam closer to the people in a world where rationalists, modernists and liberals are the representatives of the Deen in the sight of non-Muslims. Earlier, we stated our intent to make the website available for scholars of the deen…

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Important Message From

Yesterday, I was with Ustaadh Kabir Al-asfar, Sirnucy Lafiagi and Ibn Abdillah As-sudaissy. We discussed problems facing the Muslim world. This is a world where we say more and do less. Given that there are many Muslims out there who do not even know many scholars of the Deen, something…

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A tale of two AbdulHakeems

AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef, otherwise known as “Honourable Iyepe”, is a revered Islamic scholar who is also the Honourable Commissioner for Home Affairs of Lagos State. His series of lectures has influenced many Muslims and non-Muslims positively. He has successfully led thousands of Lagos pilgrims to Hajj in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, commendable…

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46 Christians Embraced Islam in Sagamu, Ogun State

Alhamdulillah, finally “WASTE NOT YOUR LIFE” lecture came to a close in Sagamu, Ogun State. At the end of the programme, 46 Christians willfully, willingly, and publicly embrace the religion of the guided, Islam.       Visit : for more information. You can also watch the live feeds…

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ACADIP INSTITUTE OF COMPARATIVE RELIGION STUDIES (AICOS) ADMISSION IN PROGRESS This is to inform the Muslim Ummah, especially those willing to enroll at ACADIP Institute of Comparative Religion Studies, AICOS, that Admission Process into Q1-2018 (February-May) Academic Session begins on the 14th of January and ends on the 18th of…

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Fujislamization and Our Misplaced Priorities By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

In an article I wrote, titled “A Rejoinder to A Message For The Muslim Bible Warriors”, I cited what is below to portray how we Muslims have misplaced our priorities;   “So, if all comparative lecturers are to be blamed for a revert’s ignorance little or no knowledge of Islam,…

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