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Know Islam, Know Paradise


    In our contemporary world, the way people are becoming hedonistic is on the rise and  getting out of hand while the decline in moral values calls for serious concern. It is unfortunate that these vices are deeply rooted in self acclaimed religious individuals or organizations. One would imagine, given that most of those…
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June 18, 2017 8

Bodija estate’s annual Ramadan lecture

     INVITATION! INVITATION!! INVITATION!!! The entire Muslims of Bodija Estates and Environs Muslim Community invites the general public to their 4th Annual Ramadan Lecture scheduled as follow.   Topic: Dancing on your Father’s grave   Guest Lecturer: Professor Is-haq Lakin Akintola Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)   Date: Sunday, 18th June 2017   Time: 11am…
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June 17, 2017 0

Turkey: Isolation of Qatar is not Islamic

Turkish President Erdogan calls moves against Qatar “a grave mistake” which is “inhumane and against Islamic values”. Turkey’s Erdogan has expressed support for Qatar since the beginning crisis [Reuters]   Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has denounced the isolation of Qatar as “inhumane and against Islamic values”, urging Saudi Arabia to take a leading role…
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June 13, 2017 1

Saudi Arabia refuses to open airspace for Qatar

Aviation authorities in the kingdom, Bahrain and the UAE say the flight ban is to protect its citizens from any threats. Qatar Airways’ chief appealed to the International Civil Aviation Organisation to declare the airspace closure as illegal [Edgar Su/Reuters]   Saudi Arabia’s civil aviation authority has rejected the opening of airspace for flights to…
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June 13, 2017 1

How the US anti-Muslim marches were defeated

In cities across the US, counterprotesters outnumbered ACT for America’s National March Against Sharia.   Counterprotesters outnumbered anti-Muslim marchers in many cities across the US [David Ryder/Reuters] by Patrick Strickland @P_Strickland_ When the anti-Muslim ACT for America lobbying group called for nationwide protests against Islamic law, anti-racists and anti-fascists wasted little time in mobilising. In…
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June 13, 2017 2

The five most bizarre decisions in Gulf-Qatar crisis

  After Saudi Arabia and other GCC nations cut ties with Qatar, a series of surreal decisions were taken against it.       On June 5, GCC members Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, announced their decision to sever diplomatic relations with Qatar and install an air, land and sea blockade.   The announcements were…
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June 12, 2017 0

Birthday Islamic Analysis Debunked

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful     In the world today, we are quick to start copying and pasting stories or publications even without verifying the content.   This scenerio is not just talking about the Christians alone or the Muslim Ummah alone, these goes to everybody so far…
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June 9, 2017 0


ISIL fighters seal off Mosul mosque for last stand Residents say dozens of fighters taking up positions near the medieval mosque where ISIL’s leader declared a caliphate. A black ISIL flag hangs from the minaret of the Grand Mosque in western Mosul [File: Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters] ISIL fighters have closed the streets around Mosul’s Grand al-Nuri…
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June 1, 2017 0

Can Muslims mourn Manchester?

There is a towering moral upper-hand that denies Muslims as Muslims the agency to mourn the victims of Manchester. Terms such as ‘Briton’, ‘British’, or by extension ‘European’ or ‘American’ is kept exclusively for the victims, as the term ‘terrorist’ is made exclusive to Muslims, writes Dabashi [Getty Images]Terms such as ‘Briton’, ‘British’, or by…
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June 1, 2017 0

Welcome to Islam Paul Minter

Salam alaekum everyone. In the early minutes of today, a Christian apologist who goes by the name Paul Minter reverted to Islam. I went through his facebook page and I found out that he had been trying to study the Quran these few days and had been writing some beautiful things about Islam and comparing…
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June 1, 2017 1