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(المكتب التعاوني للدعوة والإرشاد والمشاريع الخيرية، لاغوس) Presents   A day Seminar. Theme: المنهج الحق THE TRUE METHODOLOGY ??GUEST SPEAKERS: – فضيلة الشيخ يوسف بن عبد الرحمن الخلف. SHEIKH YUUSUF ALKHALAF   – فضيلة الشيخ نواف بن صغيّر الشمري (وزارة الشؤون الإسلامية والدعوة والإرشاد، وإمام وخطيب جامع الشيخ عبد العزيز ابن باز، الخرج، السعودية) SHEIKH…
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MUSLIM’S STUDENTS SOCIETY OF NIGERIA FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY AKURE, ONDO STATE, NIGERIA invites the General public to  their JIHAD WEEK 1438AH/2017   THEME: THE DEPENDABLE CLENCH Day 1 Friday 11th August 2017 Topic: Awareness Moderator: Muslim students Venue: FUTA  & it’s environs Time: 4:30pm – 6:30pm     Day 2 Saturday 12th August 2017…
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More than $84,000 raised after Minnesota mosque bombing

Director of Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center says ‘good people outnumber one bad guy’ after attack during morning prayers . FBI agents were called to investigate the Minnesota mosque bombing [File: David Joles/AP Photo] The director of the Minnesota mosque that was bombed earlier this week has thanked the community for an outpouring of support the centre…
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  BEHOLD !!!   ACADIP “Train of Salvation” will, In Sha Allah arrive Federal University of Technology, Akure, for a 1-Day Lecture, tagged, THE DEPENDABLE CLENCHED.   SPEAKER: Mallam Abdul-Azeez Abdul-Razaq (Senior Lecturer, ACADIP Nigeria.)   TOPIC: Why you must be a Muslim.   DATE: Sunday, 13th of August, 2017.   VENUE: SUB Frontage, FUTA…
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August 8, 2017 0

Meet 6-year-old boy who memorize the entire Quran in one year gathered that a 6-year-old boy, Salim Abdulkareem, recently became one of the few people to learn and memorise the entire Quran in less than 1 year. 6-year-old Salim Abdulkareem surprised peoplew hen he became one of the few people to memoriset he Quran in less than one year. The pupil of the Professor Ango…
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  Given the Christians’ belief that Jesus is God, though there are exceptions in some Christian denominations, in this article, I am going to use the Bible to question the Godship of Jesus in the Bible as well as his being loving including the reliability of the Bible. We read in the Bible, St. Mark…
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Minnesota mosque bombed during morning prayers

FBI launches investigation after bomb attack at the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center damaged imam’s office. There were 2,213 anti-Muslim bias incidents in 2016 [The Associated Press] A mosque in the US state of Minnesota was bombed early on Saturday, while worshippers gathered inside for morning prayers. No one was injured in the attack at…
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Bashir LuCas Samson Lukman versus A Christian

  Few days ago, I was traveling, got on the phone, gave some verses in the Bible and Qur’an to the caller. I alighted then a man swiftly walked up to me and the following conversation ensued ; Man: Sorry sir Me: Yes? Man: this is the first time I am seeing a Muslim quote…
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August 5, 2017 1

Arabic clinic online class

As-salam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu In a way to set things right at our end considering the conditions of our learners THE ARABIC CLINIC management has yield to the call of modifying the online Arabic learning course and the development is ascribed below; *The course structure is now a function of 65 basic/important lessons upon which…
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Fundamentals of As-shirk ( الشرك)

In Islam, Shirk is the most grievous sin in  the sight of Allah. This is not new but it is unfortunate that our society is such where Shirk is rampant and common despite the gravity of the consequences.   One would imagine that an average Muslim should understand what Shrik is all about but the…
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