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Know Islam, Know Paradise

THE STATE OF THE NATION By Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Abumaribi)

THE STATE OF THE NATION   The Nation is richly endowed, but majority of the citizens are living below normal standard of life. Many are also resourceful in the Nation, but only few know how to utilise the resources with a workable idea, and subsequently to a viable plan that make the framework for successful…
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January 25, 2019 0

PICTURE IS NOT WHO WE ARE By Olatunde Azeezah (PenTalks)

“Cheese” we say Splitting our lips like the red sea Our heart crossing the in between to run from Our soul’s knot. We are fine or we’d be fine are Oxymoron that wage war When the sound click click is made by the sword of deceit Every pictures are stories that reflect us not They…
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I AM PEACE, MY NAME IS ISLAM By Nafysah Bint Yakub

  I was tagged as a terrorist, extremist and a fanatic, Because of those who bomb and kill in my name, But what is your evidence to affirm to such claims, Don’t tell me with ordinary sham, it’s a devilish theory. To all my teachings have two sources as resources, The Qur’an and Sunnah the…
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  Hallow and quiver do I sit hammering, how hell will let loose on the day of reckoning, The tiny thread, a bridge of fear, so threatening, A mother to her child will she be a thing of sacrifice, The day when fear runs through our spine. Spreading pain of regrets in our vein. The…
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January 17, 2019 0

ARISE AND SHINE By Royal Abumaribi

ARISE AND SHINE   Arise to the stature of those who enjoy the lofty virtues; And shine by purifying your soul with the acts of piousness; Never allow the idle timers to delay you with their busyness; Avoid the bad influencers and keep the righteous companies. Don’t be sad about what you planned in life…
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January 16, 2019 0


  Preparing to go on a crucial outing, my princes and the princess wanted to be a part of the experience. They begged insistently that I journeyed in their company. With queen’s persuasion, I obliged the king’s pets. Excited by the consideration, they flew into the bathroom to clean up for the go. But I…
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January 15, 2019 0

GUIDANCE BELONGS TO ALLAH By Johnson Abdulazeez Ayomide

I’m in a world of delusion wandering around Thinking I’m on the rightly guided path Our path crossed each other; a brethren of the Ummah A woman of virtue who is a mother in the Deen Who is a mercy from Allah to me She played a vital role in the perfection of Allah’s Nur…
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January 11, 2019 0


Many a time when you see youths, especially ranging from fourteen to twenty-three engaging in immoralities, you will ask yourself “what exactly is this world turning into”? Life has been taken so roughly that youths of nowadays see immoralities as a big boys and big girls attitude. In their teen years, the rate at which…
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December 24, 2018 0

BOND THAT BREAK BOUNDS By Aaminah Qasim Oniwarere

  Once, I was told of a bond. Stronger than top bond Effectively, it break bounds. In a quest, I searched for It’s elements. Toiling hard, come rain, come sunshine. I found the strongest bond. Dripping from where I left. It was from the basin of Islam And you; My brother and sister in it.…
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  To achieve distinction at anything in life, you need to put in unrelenting action on the information within your acquisition – this is the true answer to your situation. Acting as an opposition to the revolution that is constantly coming up as a result of the intention of your mindset to proffer solution to…
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