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Know Islam, Know Paradise


THINK TWICE Oh my beloved, Oh my Son, oh my daughter, Oh my brother, Oh my sister, Oh my father, Oh my mother Let’s renew our promise with our Lord,Let us return and repent to Allah,for those who do this will never lose Remember the blessing Allah has given you,Repent to Allah and come back…
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February 13, 2018 0


PARADISE!!! …and what about Paradise? Whatever we do, we’ll pay the price In the depths of hell or in paradise For the believer ,this life is like a cage For the unbeliever, it’s the ultimate stage… Little does he know about the awaiting reward Which is full of luxuries, where no-one gets bored You’ll enter…
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February 11, 2018 0


CREED OR GREED…?’ The world is changing, That’s why we are fading, As we ascend in poverty, We descend in  Property, Times are much  harder, As we try scale the Ladder, with wallets seemingly declining, Our tummies are willingly complying, is this Creed or Greed? Or a system of die Decree…? How do you tell…
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February 5, 2018 0

The Morning is Dark

Like the morning could be dark (12am-5am), the believer should not mock the unbeliever The darkness of disbelief could still be brightened with belief/guidance in the latter part of the morning If the unbeliever becomes guided, let him mock not the unbeliever For as his dark morning was brightened So does night never become sunny…
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February 2, 2018 0

My Hijab, My Right

My Hijab, My Right They say I’m covered Because I’m forced by my husband But I’m not even married So why should I be worried For Allah’s commandments I’m obeying The true message of Allah I’m conveying Hijab is my identity And it doesn’t make me a nonentity It shields me from shame Obstructs any…
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