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Know Islam, Know Paradise

LAND OF LOVE By Abu A’ish Mk Albani

  Beautiful place harbors beautiful people Or perhaps the land lies in their hearts As seed of peace blooms the moon in their smile… Welcome to the land of love The wind chants breaking at the bulk of stones And trees only to make that resounding echo. It seems so unreal The well structured land…
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UMMI (MY MOTHER) By Ummu Anas Bint Yaq’qub

Body is changing, she could not eat Because she would vomit But she has to feed you to be healthy, Even with her expanding body with each day With the fear in her heart she keeps loving you day by day. She became heavier as day passed by, Couldn’t stand for long She couldn’t walk…
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Nikkaloquine Capsule!!💊 You have to make a choice on who to Marry But still you don’t have to be in a Hurry! For two people to be Together They must agree to love for the sake of Allah one Another Look for a sincere and righteous Man Seek for a sincere and righteous Woman For…
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THE RARE GEM (Brother’s version) – By Ummu Ubaidah Penword

THE RARE GEM💧(Brother’s version) You dress half naked for them to see! But to lower their gaze they won’t forsake You get closer to flirt with them But they smile at you and say Salam Never to free mix with sisters is their policy Because Allah’s commandment is their priority Physically, psychologically and sincerely they…
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THE END IS COMING By Ummu Ubaidah Penword

  By Allah! The end is near This is the Truth! The truth is clear If you Care! Let me have your ears In open and in secret fear Allah The load of faith continue to bear To have Al-Jannah that you can’t compare The end is coming oh my friend!! Piety is the cloth for…
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Behind Closed doors, Before Allah’s watch

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The Power of Voice

THE POWER OF VOICE   Do not be soft in speech Those tiny voice that awake minds Those alluring word that calls his attention Calling his attention from far to near Wavering his iman like the wind blows the leaves Making him submit to the tricks of shaytan.   Why don’t you save him By enveloping…
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OUR LOST BEAUTY! By Ummu Ubaidah (Penword)

Our lost Beauty! Tattered!! Shattered!! Battered!! Alone it treads in the path with no Comforter!! Torn and with tears it cries but no one Cares! For just a glance of pity it awaits but all in Vain! With no hope or help, it remains weak and fragile! The HIJAB!! A new face it needs! A…
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Going Home By Abu A’ish Mk Albani

Home is the smile on her face Which makes him forget today’s struggle and ready for tomorrow’s race Marriage is half his faith The rest won’t be hard to pace Home is like a body when a part is sick The rest too can not sleep But sometimes it feels like our brothers in Palestine…
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PRAY and Say ALHAMDULILLAH in every Situation You wake up in the Morning feeling detached and Lugubrious Pray to Allah and say Alhamdulillah You feel you don’t belong to the world anymore Pray to Allah and say Alhamdulillah You feel u have lost everyone, everything and you are left with a Zilch Pray to Allah…
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