O Christ Worshippers! – A Poem by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (رحمه الله)

المسيح لنا سؤال….نريد جوابه ممن و عاه O Christ-worshippers! We want an answer to our question [from your wise ones], إذا مات الإله بصنع قوم….أماتوه فما هذا الإله If the Lord was murdered by some peopleýs act, what kind of god is this? وهل أرضاه ما نالوه منه….فبشراهم إذا نلوا…

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ROYALTY By Abu A’ish Mk Albani

She’s Royalty She hated it And her feelings couldn’t blow off the inconsiderate heavy dust that covered her story And the merciless avalanche of fools Effortlessly trying to bury her ever since they discovered she was a queen Saying that they want to teach her how to breathe So that…

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