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Know Islam, Know Paradise


SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD _— Olatunde Azeezah_ Somewhere in the world Each day changes its cloak Having a new sun enshroud with darkness. Its bright darkness beam caliginosity into their world. Somewhere in the world, Oxygen struggles to survive so it can push Itself into the two hose of noses, For it has been whisked…
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June 16, 2019 0

OH ALLAH!!! ~ By Ma’rufah O. Olaitan

OH ALLAH!!! Whosoever is in the heavens and on earth begs of Him. Every day He has a matter to bring forth (such as giving honour to some, disgrace to some, life to some, death to some, among others) Q55:29 When disaster and calamity occur, the afflicted call out, O’ Allah! When there is a…
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April 17, 2019 0

THE EARTH SMELLS. By SHEHU, Abdus-Salam Aladodo

  The earth smells of scattered bones hidden underneath covered in dust. Bones of those who walked the earth with their shoulders high and those with bent necks. The earth smells of liquor in goblets, bottles and bowels— well fed. The earth smells of rumpled bedsheets reeking of infidelities and unchaste activities. The earth smells…
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April 11, 2019 0

Listen Son! The ink of death 1 – Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Dear Son, Listen Listen, to the words of wisdom Hearken! But I am no Solomon Heed! That you may reason They say, “as silent as the grave” Is the grave truly silent? Dear son, is it silently silent? It is but SILENTLY NOISY The voices we hear not, The sadness we don’t feel, How can’t…
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April 3, 2019 0

MY DEAR SELF (NAFS) By Ahmed Bukar (Ibn Islam)

My dear nafs Why is it so difficult to satisfy you? Why have you become so difficult to deal with? You have become so aggressive rather than calm. You made survival a cumbersome task! My dear nafs How long will I be a slave of your happiness? Despite the hardship I have been through: That…
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March 29, 2019 0

ADVISE TO MY SOUL By Aaminah Qasim Oniwarere & Fauziyyah Ibrahim

  I stared to some years back, remembering the game we played with a sack, visiting the amusement park and much more, there’s nothing we lack Oh you believing Soul! bow down before your Lord, for He is the creature of rainbow, the time you have is now. I advice you to take a vow…
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March 13, 2019 0

AS I GREW OLDER By: Fatihat & Fauziyyah {word world} & N.O

AS I GREW OLDER By: Fatihat & Fauziyyah {word world} & N.O As I grew older, the world itself keeps getting rougher. The furthest things are coming closer, then i realise am a traveler like the others. As I grew older, I learn to swallow dreams amidst fear, souls are barren amidst; so does humanity.…
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March 12, 2019 0

ALHAMDULILLAH! By Ahmed Bukar (Ibn Islam)

Alhamdulillah Fresh air to prepare my lungs for the long force Refreshing water to quench my thirst I slept with a heart full of hope Yearning for dawn along its brightness The hope is being fulfilled by the one Whose names are the most beautiful Whose mercy is wider than the planets How else do…
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March 12, 2019 0


THE CRAVE FOR BARAKAH (DIVINE BLESSING) The common crave among mankind Is the crave for divine blessings That which is never constrain To certain aspect of life matters. Blessing cut across all sphere of life: In our businesses, we yearn for blessings; For our marital affairs, we need blessings; In our career advancement, we long…
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March 2, 2019 0

KNOWLEDGE By Johnson Abdulazeez Ayomide

  Knowledge! Knowledge!! Knowledge!!! “Enables it’s professor to distinguish right from wrong; It lights the way to Jannah; It is our friend in the desert; Our company in solitude; Companion when friendless; It guides us to happiness; It sustains us in misery; It is an ornament amongst friends; An armour against the enemies.” َﻣِﻦَ ﭐﻟﻨَّﺎﺱِ…
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