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Know Islam, Know Paradise


BENEFICIAL REFLECTION IN BRIEF (BRB)   Allah (SWT) send down the Qur’ân as a book to study, and Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) as it’s teacher to teach and show mankind and jinn the way of light and as a criterion to know the right and wrong, in order for the readers and those who reflect on…
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June 17, 2018 0

THIS IS NIGERIA By Adebayo DhikruLhahi Aboo Sahl Al-Atharee

THIS IS NIGERIA   This is Nigeria, Almost everybody is hypocritical, Ne’er go straight but parabola, Every information are less-original, Could you remember that of Ebola? This is Nigeria, Where English is never bibilical, But, Arabic in mere dummy is Islamical, So ridicule, From those who claim the evangelical. This is Nigeria, Hijaab now never…
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June 12, 2018 0

MUSIC IS HARAM By Ummu Ubaidah (Penword)

Shame to those who listen and dance to their Madness For their acts and songs are nothing but Nonsense An instrument which Shaiton uses to control their real Self Jubilating and happy that he has gotten them to Himself WHO?! Those who will accompany him to Hell! A place where Muslims hope not to Dwell…
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June 10, 2018 0

SABR By Ummu Ubaidah (Penword)

A very common word, known by many but practiced by few; How contented is the heart clothed with nothing but Sabr (Patience) No matter how captivating this Duniyah is, they dare not turn their back to Allah. For they patiently await the unlimited sweet forever in Jannah. They seek not for fame and power, because…
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June 10, 2018 0


My greatest fear that makes me Tremble in dread is being Alone. When the 4 walls of my heart is trapped in The castle of billion people with dead breath. Did I say dead? Yes! We were once dead and Woken up from our deadly slumber. Like the alarm will shake your grave Once the…
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June 10, 2018 0


Rosullulah, Nabiy’yullah, Brought up as an Orphan, He began his days on earth as a fair and honest man. He is the best of mankind, His face is brighter than the morning wave, He worked with nothing but Allah as his Aid. Peace be upon his soul, The greatest one whose Islam was his only…
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June 3, 2018 0

OH RAMADAN By Nafysah Bint Yakub

Oh Ramadan the August visitor Who knocks on every Muslim door One of the pillars of Islam – The Deen motivator A visitor full of prestige Everyone welcomes him with dignity It drive out humanity and generosity The unseen but felt visitor who walks with Nur (Light) In it lies the benefit of waking for…
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June 2, 2018 0

WHAT, WHY ? By Amori Lateefah (Dream)

What, Why? What has become of your soul? Giving over to pleasures and lusts, day and night, Breeding ignominy due to its addiction, Sins killing the life that resides therein, Why have you given the devil to pay for your lost soul? Isn’t it best that you preserve it?! What has become of your mind?…
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June 2, 2018 0

LONELINESS By Aaminah Qasim Oniwarere

LONELINESS   When I was asked about loneliness. I made it clear that it’s a bastard. I didn’t forget to mention that it comes unaware. It penetrates the mind so deep That it causes it to tremble. I tell you, Loneliness is a bastard!   There is always an urgent need to send it into…
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May 30, 2018 0

DEATH By Ummu Ubaidah Penword

  See the look on their faces when it comes!! The flash back of their life and what they’ve become! Trembling and wishing for another chance to stay But before they know, they’re back to the clay Is it the fault of Death❓ That they didn’t prepare well on Earth❓ Only the heart that remembers…
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May 29, 2018 0