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Do you know the consequences of sin? If not, read

DO YOU KNOW THE CONSEQUENCES OF SIN? IF NOT, READ! Sin is an act which is not according to Allah’s satisfaction. (keep in mind, our sins never harm Allah who has created entire universe including me) According to the Holy Qur’an, sins are mainly divided into two parts; Major and Minor sins as evident in…
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ISLAM IS NOT A BUFFET: GET THAT RIGHT My recent post on the king of Ìfẹ́’s gaffe (a town) at the Eid praying ground has further enriched my knowledge of how an average Muslim from the Southwest views religion. Apparently to him, religion is not a choke up thing or a buffet where one can…
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Is shaytan a jinn or an angel?

IS SHAYTAN A JINN OR AN ANGEL? Analyzing Qur’an chapter 18, suratul kahf verse 50 Allah points out to the Children of Adam the enmity of Iblis towards them and their father before them, and rebukes those who follow him and go against their Creator and Master. It is He who created them from nothing…
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OUR HALF IS IN PAIN – HALF AGAINST HALF -TEARS OF THE ROHINYGA     Half the people in the world, Obeys laws with the power of their Sword, They love the other half, but the other half eats the other half, Foes appears as friends, Friends appears as foes, Civic pals pushed into thy…
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Story of Suleiman (a.s) and the ant praying for rain

STORY OF SULEIMAN (A.S) AND THE ANT PRAYING FOR RAIN Once there was a big famine in Palestine. It was during the time of the Prophet, Prophet Sulaiman (King Solomon). He came out with his people and proceeded to an open place in the desert to pray for the rains to come. Suddenly, he saw…
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The Eye that Rules the Heart (Cont’d)

Click here for previous session     The Heart: the First Victim What exactly is meant by a glance ‘entering the heart’ and what impact does it have? Besides leading to the habituation of glancing and that which follows, what other effects can be expected? Ibn al Qayyim has a lengthy analysis on the effect…
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The Eye that Rules the Heart

Our two eyes weigh less than 30 grams each, yet are made up of more than 200 million working parts, and serve a function that around half of the brain is dedicated to. According to the Discover Eye Foundation, our eyes process more than 36,000 pieces of information every hour. In fact, it is said…
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Equality Amongst Wives

If a person has more than one wife it is wajib upon him to treat each one equally. Whatever he gives to one wife, the other wife also has the right to claim something equal to that in value. This rule of equality applies to all types of wives, i.e. whether both were virgins at…
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The Question Of Compatibility Or Kufu

The Shar i ‘ah has taken great precautions in ensuring that nikah with an incompatible person or a person of a lower social standing does not take place. In other words, do not perform the nikah of a girl with a man who is not equal to her in status or who is of no…
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Story of the guest of the Messenger of Allah

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: A man came to the Prophet (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) and said; “I am hard pressed by hunger.” He (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) sent a word to one of his wives who replied: “By Him Who has sent you with the Truth, I have nothing except water.”…
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