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Click here for previous session       Atonement   Must then a Christ perish in torment in every age to save those that have no imagination? —George Bernard Shaw, Saint Joan, Epilogue The atonement—what a concept. Who wouldn’t like someone else to pick up the tab for their every indulgence and transgression? However, no matter how good the atonement sounds, no matter how much people want it to be true, the critical question is whether it has a basis in revealed truth. Will the atonement be there on the Day of Judgment for those who rely upon it for their salvation? Or will the untold billions of anxious human souls be struck with downcast faces when God…

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Misgoded reading continued

Click here for previous session       Original Sin   He that falls into sin is a man; that grieves at it, is a saint; that boasteth of it, is a devil. —Thomas Fuller, The Holy State and the Profane State The concept of original sin is completely foreign to Judaism and Eastern Christianity, having achieved acceptance in only the Western Church. Furthermore, Christian and Islamic concepts of sin are virtual opposites with respect to certain nuances. For example, there is no concept of “sinning in the mind” in Islam; to a Muslim, an evil thought becomes a good deed when a person refuses to act upon it. Overcoming and dismissing the evil thoughts which forever assail our minds is considered deserving of reward rather than punishment.…

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Click here for previous session     Reviewing unprejudiced historical accounts, a large population of the religious throughout the known world voiced their opposition to Trinitarian Christianity, and those who denied Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death were not necessarily a minority. Many would argue that from a gut level it makes more sense for God to have punished Judas for his treachery than to have tortured Jesus for his innocence. The argument would be more convincing if the doctrines of atonement and original sin could be shown to be invalid, for these two doctrines hinge off the doorframe of the alleged death of Jesus. The first hurdle for many people in considering…

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Click here for previous session       It was no empty vow of their elect ones, “to be baptized with the baptism of Christ, to take on themselves scourgings, imprisonments, tortures, reproaches, crosses, blows, tribulation, and all temptations of the world.” Theirs the tears, theirs the blood shed during more than ten centuries of fierce persecution in the East; and if we reckon of their number, as well we may, the early puritans of Europe, then the tale of wicked deeds wrought by the persecuting churches reaches dimensions which appall the mind. And as it was all done, nominally out of reverence for, but really in mockery of, the Prince of Peace, it is hard…

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Train Your Children By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

It is sad and pathetic when a promising child goes to the university only to come back with with a rationalized, modernized, and liberal version of Islam. My experience today made me conclude that except a child has proper knowledge of the Deen before going for higher education, such child…

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