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People on earth differ based on one thing or the other; this is because mankind are born differently at birth; place, parents, nurturing, education, and the way people utilise their gift of nature and the acquired talents. Such are the category of people and their divergence nature.
Read the previous series: The Healthy and the Sick ( to know about the onset of this writeup initiative.

Get on your learning gab and be prepared as you will be able to know the category of people you belong to. Never mind about grammar, the style of wordings in the writeup has been designed to suit your understanding.

Stay connected till the end, as I pilot you through the sea where people are categorized based on their knowledge accumulation. This treatise will be focusing on the top class and the bottom class boundary of knowledgeable, and what seems to be their midpoint.

Knowledge is the basic foundation of manner and decision. The way people act and react is tantamount to the level of accumulated knowledge stored up in their psyche. Just like accumulated wealth and property a person posses determine their state of wealthiness and their standard of living, intellectual capacity of a person is also measured by the accumulated knowledge and related understanding. Hence one person standards of knowledge also differ from another.

Now the Category of People in Knowledge

The Well-versed Personalities

The well-versed personalities are the people of knowledge who have excel in learning on variety of knowledge discipline. These people play around in knowledge with those who are also on the height verge of learning. The qualities of these people are so distinct that if you move closer to them, you will learn a great deal from their pool of wisdom.
Some of the qualities they posses are; politeness, leniency, virtue, piety, effective communication skills, loving, patience etc. Because of the vastness in their knowledge acquisition and practice, you may find them to be strict in their policy. Though their policies are not meant to keep people away, but it’s just an important standards to avoid distraction and to stay focus in their learning.

Knowledge Enthusiasts

Knowledge enthusiasts are the lovers of knowledge and who practically follow and inference from what they have learned in life. Knowledge enthusiasts are not idle minders as they make sure they spend their free time in doing something meaningful to their life career. You would find them to be time conscious, and they also avoid the time wasters. These people are moving steadily on the height of the well-versed intelligentsias. You will find their qualities closer to those who are well-versed personalities. These category of people either choose to proceed to the well-versed personalities (intelligentsias) level on continuing enjoying and enjoining their state of enthusiasm for knowledge.

The Deficient Students

The deficient students are also learned in one way or the other, so they also have certain wisdom to make inference to some matters. However these people’s knowledge may be affected by some syndrome or incorrect steps while going through the phase of knowledge development; knowledge – learning (reading&/listening); understanding – reasoning; wisdom – practice, sharing). What result to these people deficiency in knowledge is that; either they are too impatient to learn, not listening effectively, mostly correction deline or not easily ready to offer their studentship whenever others proved their conviction to be wrong.

The traits of these people is also similar to the knowledge enthusiast, just that these people mix up things sometimes,…like the usage of patience and silence, leniency and rigidity, humility and pride etc. These category of people are also blunt in their acts, but instead of listening to constructive criticism or correction when offered to them, most time, they easily flaunt their emotional state and overruled the situation to favour them. They have distinct character and sharing nature too, but they do not know how to control their self-esteem; hence, you will notice egocentric traits in some of their acts.

With the analogy presented above, I hope you must have gained on this sea journey you are to the land of knowledge. Tell me, how did the pilot swerve you on this verge of learning sea?

Now that you know the (major) category of people in knowledge, I hope you are able to identify where you belong among the classes mentioned. Let’s go for refreshment right now; see you on the next phase of the journey to the Island of knowledge. You wil learn how these category of people interact when they have things in common or they have issues to fix.



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