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BUT WHY? By Ummu Ma’eeshatil-Khayr Bint Abdir-Rahmaan

November 4, 2018 Islamic Poems Self Development 0

So soon, have you forgotten?

It’s about time you’re taken?

And that the time is yet unknown,

Only to the knows of the unseen?

But why have you forgotten so soon,

That soon, your soul shall be taken,

That unexpectedly, death shall visit you?

And it is either to Hell or to Heaven.

Why have you forgotten so soon?

That your departure is soon?

Six feet below, young and old have rotten,

Exempted not, are the true and firm believers.

Few moments ago, death ceased a man you know,

All you did was to shout and rant “It shouldn’t have been now”…

His time is up, if you do not know.

Be prepared for yours, and change your ways now!

That man has got plans for the weekend,

To party all day and hangout with his friends,

Little did he know, his life has gotten to the end.

All his life, he was blessed with gold and lots of money,

He spent them lavishly, forgetting the day of reckoning.

He ignored the orphan’s call and left him to dwell in sorrow,

Hunger strikes the poor and needy around him to the extent that they billow,

He oppresses everyone with his wealth, enjoying life like it’s his own.

Five daily prayers are not constant due to worldly pleasure,

He fasted at his convenience and prayed at his leisure.

Now death has taken him away while he was resting in his office,

Behold, so shall yours be taken without a fore notice.

Change your ways now, tomorrow might be late,

Don’t procrastinate, next hour might not be safe.

Seek for forgiveness; remember to this world, you are strange.

You could be the next on the list, death is without a message.

When your time is up, there’s no delay.

Now that you have life, spend your days and night; fast and pray.

Spend every time remembering Allah, for alone in your grave you shall lay.

And on the last day, you shall be paid your wages in full,

And whoever is admitted to Jannah is indeed, the successful.

Live today’s life peacefully so as to enjoy the next life.


© Ummu_Ma’eeshatil_Khayr

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