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BOND THAT BREAK BOUNDS By Aaminah Qasim Oniwarere


Once, I was told of a bond.

Stronger than top bond

Effectively, it break bounds.

In a quest, I searched for It’s elements.

Toiling hard, come rain, come sunshine.

I found the strongest bond.

Dripping from where I left.

It was from the basin of Islam

And you; My brother and sister in it.

Were the elements I sought.

You became my clothes 

With which I’m covered

This bond, was beyond it’s description

I became glued to you.

Your seat became mine

And companionship remains Gold.

If I am ever asked of the best gift.

I will point to you all

Who buttered my best gift (Islam)

Who shared my scars

And nursed my wounds

Like it was theirs.

The bond of Islam

It’s door never gets slammed.

Not when we are scared

Even in the darkest tunnel.

I’ll be expectant of a light.

Beaming, shinning and directing my path!

Your guidance is enough for me,

We are united on the guide of Allah.

The one who created our souls.

And gave it a house! Well equipped,

With the manual of its components.

It is in His fear that we sealed this bond.

Praises and adorations unto Allah.

He gave me the best gift (Islam)

And bestowed me it’s best fuel.

The companionship I found in you; Dearest brethren.

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