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Know Islam, Know Paradise

GCC crisis: European leaders call for de- escalation

French, British and German leaders urge all sides of the ongoing Gulf rift to solve the crisis diplomatically.  Leaders of France, UK and Germany have urged both sides of the diplomatic standoff in the Gulf to resolve the crisis peacefully.   French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on the phone on Monday about the…
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July 4, 2017 0

Philippines Supreme Court upholds Duterte’s martial law

Top court overwhelmingly votes in favour of military rule imposed by the president on the southern Mindanao region.   Duterte declared military rule across Mindanao in May [Harley Palangchao/Reuters]     The Philippines Supreme Court has overwhelmingly upheld the enforcement of martial law in the southern region of Mindanao, which President Rodrigo Duterte said was necessary to quell the threat from ISIL.  …
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July 4, 2017 0

Confession: “We Invented Jesus, Only To Enslave Africans, Nothing Like Christianity”

An American scholar claims to have made a controversial discovery that highlight the entire story of Jesus was made up and cooked by Roman aristocrats.   Joseph Atwill asserts that Christianity did not start as a religion, but was instead created as a sophisticated propaganda tool to pacify subjects of the Roman Empire.   He says he noticed a pattern…
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June 30, 2017 1

BREAKING: Man Arrested After Trying To Ram Car Into Muslim Worshipers In Paris

A man has been arrested after driving a car into a crowd outside a mosque in the Créteil neighbourhood, south-east of Paris, France.   The vehicle struck barriers put in place to protect worshipers and pedestrians outside the mosque in the suburb of Paris, police said in a statement.   A police statement said the suspect “repeatedly struck the blocks…
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June 29, 2017 0

Before it is too late

Ramadan has come to an end,   The shayaatin are ready to get loosed,   Some are ready to embrace them with open arms,   Some fists are clenched, not ready for the reunion,   Will you swallow your vomitous of 29/30days?   Irritating, right?   Make this Ramadan a turning point,   Without turning…
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June 25, 2017 0

Shaytan versus Eid-il-Fitr

All praise and adoration belong to Allah, who  His mercy encompasses everything, who made the fasting in the month of Ramadan easy for us.   May the peace and blessing of Allaah be upon the noble Prophet, his household and his companions.   We are in the month of Shawwal and today is Eid Li-…
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June 25, 2017 0

ACADIP Shomolu Branch to hold a day Lecture

ANNOUNCEMENT! ANNOUNCEMENT!! ANNOUNCEMENT!!!   Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP SHOMOLU BRANCH) invites you to a day public lecture   PRESENT: Her first public comparative lecture   DATE: Sunday, July 2nd 2017.   VENUE: Down Moshalashi street by Market Street Shomolu, Lagos State, Nigeria.   THEME: Bring Your Proof.   TIME: 10am – 4pm prompt    …
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June 24, 2017 0

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Islam confirms that Jesus will come back to underline the basis of his message, namely monotheism.   As a matter of fact, the Second Coming of the Messiah is such a hot issue which is subject to a lot of controversy among the followers of the three divine religions. The believers of each faith have their own conception of this event.…
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June 19, 2017 0


Don’t talk in the toilet the spirit are listening,     The toilets are dirty place no matter how clean and neat they are,     Hidden places for evils,     In the olden days, toilets are built behind the houses or perhaps in the bushes,     The spirits are listening, don’t talk…
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June 18, 2017 0

The Pathetic State of Miracles among Christian Clerics: Series 1

Miracle can be defined as something very lucky or very good that you did not expect to happen or did not think was possible.   Magic on the other hand is defined as a special power that can make strange or impossible things to happen,   While Deceit is a behavior that tries to make…
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June 18, 2017 4