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The Star and Crescent – Is the Symbol of Islam Shirk? By Rafael Narbaez Jr.

THE STAR AND CRESCENT – IS THE SYMBOL OF ISLAM SHIRK? BY RAFAEL NARBAEZ JR. The city of Byzantium (Constantinople, modern Istanbul) was dedicated to Diana, goddess of the hunt, and the crescent was the symbol of Diana. In 330 CE, Constantine rededicated the city to the virgin Mary, whose star symbol was added to…
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YOUR WOMAN: A HALF-PART, NOT A SPARE-PART. BY SANNI KAY YUSUF While in a taxi returning home after the day’s work, the driver tuned the radio to a station where issues about husbands assisting their wives were discussed. Thinking aloud, an elderly woman said she would disown a son found giving a helping hand to…
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WHO TOLD YOU? BY AZEEZAH OLATUNDE (PENTALKS) They went unanswered, those Longing desires you speak to your Lord in iced nights with cloudy eyes. Who told you Your pain has been carved to be forever To itch you in bruise of agony With no blister of ease Who told you The diseases of your soul…
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THE CHOSEN ONE BY UMMU UBAIDAH PENWORD He came into this world, in the time of deep despair His days of work began as a fair and honest man One night in that cave the Angel came With words that can light up any soul He became the chosen one To proclaim the words of…
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Sincerity By Azeezah Olatunde Pentalks

SINCERITY BY AZEEZAH OLATUNDE (PENTALKS) Can you see me as I weave each words melodiously Stressing the tajweed to be perfect. To please all you passerby. Can you see me As my wealth dances to the tune of charity And my pocket wanna hear you hail me. Can you see me I’m an eloquent speaker,…
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The poisoning of Muhammad (PBUH); What is the big deal? By Sanusi Olawale ibn AbdulWasiu

THE POISONING OF MUHAMMAD (PBUH); WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? BY SANUSI OLAWALE IBN ABDULWASIU If there are people who don’t use their brains well, the critics of Muhammad (PBUH) are inclusive. Does the poisoning of the Prophet a yard stick to measure his authenticity as a true messenger and prophet of the Creator of…
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EVERYDAY By Ummu Ubaida penword

EVERYDAY BY UMMU UBAIDAH PENWORD Everyday is like a brand new day Waking up to the beautiful sound of the Adhan Hearing the words of Allah beautifully recited Seeing the pleasant smile on the faces of my Muslim brothers/sisters Knowing Islam will shine even if *they* try to cover its light Oh Alhamdulillah!! Always thank…
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Day 1, batch 3, Ghareeb EID reads

DAY 1, BATCH 3, GHAREEB EID READS 14. EID-IL ADHAA by Rahmah Jimoh His heart was a soft petal Bowing swiftly to the will of Allah His heart was radiant light Fully aware that this life was a mere sight. His heart hastened to the montane top, To harken to his Rabb’s command To butcher…
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2018 Ileya: The Muslim students struggle for justice at AOCOED By Olatunde Azeezah

2018 ILEYA: THE MUSLIM STUDENTS STRUGGLE FOR JUSTICE AT AOCOED BY OLATUNDE AZEEZAH Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education planned to commence its 2017/2018 second semester examination on Monday, 20th August, 2018. However, the Muslim students frowned at the date saying a day to Salah examination is injustice to the Muslim. A letter sent to the…
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GHAREEB EID READS, DAY 1, BATCH 1 POEMS. The Ghareeb EID reads is an initiative of the Ghareeb Institute through which the literary spirit is inculcated in Muslim writers by gathering their poems and stories ahead of each EID. The 2018 edition is themed: Adha 2018. This is the first batch of poems from the…
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