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How To Cope With Feelings Of Loneliness As A Single Muslim

Amina has been having a very hard time trying to get married. She sees her friends getting married all around her, and the despair of not finding the right spouse is getting exacerbated as she looks through their wedding photos on Facebook. She begins to doubt herself and feels utter frustration with the process. Many…
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Entering the marital bond –II: The marriage contract

    The necessary components of the marital process: This article, discusses some of the important issues to consider when entering the bond of marriage. This includes the marriage contract and witnesses to the marriage. It is imperative to remember that whatever endeavor a person engages in, his or her intention should be purely for…
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Entering the marital bond – I: Finding a suitable spouse

Marriage is one of the most serious and important commitments an individual will make in his lifetime. It is a bond that once established, cannot be easily broken. It is one of the most important relationships in a society, as it is the building stone of the overall structure. Marriage is so important in Islam…
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Dating in Islam Begins With Marriage

  By Jennifer (Sumayah) Fayed of INTUITIVE MUSLIMAH I listened to a great lecture last night that was entitled “Islam & Dating” now before you jump the gun…It wasn’t about Muslims dating out of wedlock, but the contrary how once we are married how imperative it is to continue dating your husband or wife. Although…
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Advice to Single Women in Islam

There’s a lot of pressure to get married in the Muslim community, and it can be daunting! Sometimes it feels like you’re just counting down the days until you can be officially anointed as an adult Muslim. Don’t let the pressure get to you! True enough, getting married is completing half of your deen (religious…
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Examples of Muslim Marriages to Follow

The mind of today’s Muslims about marriage is very different than it was thousands of years ago. Today Muslims swear more by love stories that ended in tragedy rather than love stories that went on till paradise. We see Romeo and Juliet and Laila and Majnu and feel that this is the kind of love…
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  Marriage is one of the most loved sunnahs of the Prophet (PBUH) in the eyes of Allah. Marrying early is loved even more and delaying marriage for no proper reason invites the displeasure of Allah. Hence we as Muslims should not delay our marriage at all if the blessing is knocking at us on…
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  Many Muslims today are facing the harsh truth of finding it difficult to get married because they are unable to find the perfect person for themselves. Muslims especially in foreign countries are finding it difficult to find their soul mate either because of lack of choices or because something or the other does not…
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Is Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) the right example to follow?

  The beloved Messenger Muhammed (Peace and blessings be upon him) who perfected the character of man and was the embodiment of perfect manners and ettiquette. Allah says in the Holy Quran: You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah an excellent example for him who hopes in Allah and the Last Day, and who remembers Allah much. (33:21). In…
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6 Sunnah & Scientific Benefits of Drinking Water

Humans need to drink water to survive. A human body is approximately 60% water, Human brain is 70% water, and lungs are nearly 90% water. Each day, the human body must replace 2.4 liters. A Glass of Water Sunnah of Drinking Water Sunnah of Drinking  Water Infographic Drink with the right hand. To use right…
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