Author: AbdulKabīr A. Yusuf

Know Islam, Know Paradise

BENEFICIAL REFLECTION IN BRIEF (BRB) By Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Abumaribi)

BENEFICIAL REFLECTION IN BRIEF (BRB)   Allah (SWT) send down the Qur’ân as a book to study, and Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) as it’s teacher to teach and show mankind and jinn the way of light and as a criterion to know the right and wrong, in order for the readers and those who reflect on…
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THE PURPOSE OF LIFE By  Olatunde Azeezah

THE PURPOSE OF LIFE   At a point in life, humans all say life is meaningless because they’ve wandered through the bushes of life till their shadow left them behind in search for the real meaning of the air they breath and the life they live. Sometimes some souls choose to say life is full…
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THIS IS NIGERIA By Adebayo DhikruLhahi Aboo Sahl Al-Atharee

THIS IS NIGERIA   This is Nigeria, Almost everybody is hypocritical, Ne’er go straight but parabola, Every information are less-original, Could you remember that of Ebola? This is Nigeria, Where English is never bibilical, But, Arabic in mere dummy is Islamical, So ridicule, From those who claim the evangelical. This is Nigeria, Hijaab now never…
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