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Ath-thabaat International Schools was founded by Dr. Zunurean Jibreel Sahban to cater for the popular demand and needs of Muslims who deem it fit to give a second and correct Islamic education based on the Qur’an and Sunnah as well as qualitative Western Education to their children/wards.


  • Exposing your child/ward to Qur’an Memorization at a very young age
  • Teaching the younger generation a sound Islamic belief and education in consonace with the pristine Islamic understanding
  • Making the Arabic Language compulsory medium of communication for all students and staff in the Arabic and Islamic education session
  • Inculcating morals and discipline into the future generation
  • Effective combination of the Idaadiyah education side by side with the Junior Secondary School
  • Effective combination of the Thanawiyyah education with the Senior Secondary School
  • Opportunity of committing the whole Qur’an to memory on or before the completion of the Secondary School
  • Giving your children/wards a standard Western Education and many more…



To educate and inspire children in an Islamic environment to attain excellence in a diverse society


To be the Islamic Secondary School of choice in Nigeria wearing a garment of academic excellence with highest morals and ethics based on the Qur’an and Sunnah.


  • The school is comprised of two sessions; morning session which takes care of the Arabic and Islamic education (7:30am – 12:30am for Primary School pupils) and the afternoon session for Western Education; 11:30am – 5:30pm (4:30pm for Primary School pupils)
  • The school runs from Monday to Friday weekly
  • There will be compulsory Saturday Arabic/Islamic classes from 8:00am to 3:00pm ( For Secondary School only )
  • The school opens by 7:00am and closes by 5:30pm ( 4:30pm for Primary School pupils)
  • The school runs on termly basis in accordance with the Nigeria Academic Calendar i.e September to July


  • The lingua franca for the Arabic and Islamic Studies is strictly the Arabic Language
  • The means of communication for the Western Education session is English Language


  • Male students put on cream caftan and brown trousers
  • Female students put on brown skirt, cream blouse with full khimar/hijab (Brown)
  • Brown and black sandals for both male and female with black socks




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