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AS-SADAQAH MOVIE By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

April 30, 2018 Articles On Islam News on Islam 0

In 2016, I was introduced to Dr. Fauziyah Sulayman (Biochemistry Department, University of Ilorin). We talked for a while then I was given a copy of a book she wrote, “Sidiqqah, The Corper”. Being surprised was an understatement! This book is based on comparative religion and loaded with verses from the Qur’an and Bible with pristine Islamic teachings.

With the way many in the academic sector have become modernists and orientalists, I took some time to ask what could have led her to write a prose on comparative religion without minding what her colleagues would say. Before the end of the meeting that day, she told me she wants to make a movie out of it. “Haha, a movie where we would quote the Bible and Qur’an, make logical and rational arguments against stuffs like Trinity, Crucifixion laced with scriptural evidences? I am in!!!”, I said.

As Allah willed, we sought to gather funds for the project but it was extremely difficult. I should not also forget to add that she planned to donate a certain percentage to ACADIP Nigeria as part seeing to reverts’ financial challenges. We were on it till I had an accident in August 2017. AlhamduliLlah, being passionate about the project, Dr. Fauziyah Sulayman decided to pursue the course. This time, she sought to raise funds for the comparative based book, “Sidiqah, The Corper” by making a low fund movie out of another book she wrote, “As-sidiqah” which emphasizes the need to help the needy and everything charity encompasses.

Recall that I once stated that I would start a review of Yoruba Movies especially the “Islamic” ones given how many of the actors seem to misrepresent Islam. Who does not know about the fitnah, bidi’ah and superstitions in this movies?. In order not to be a victim of what we criticize, we came together to make sure that the movie is in line with Islamic teachings. I was glad when I met the director, Brother AbduLlah Oladimeji Abdulsalam. When I was in Ibadan, their family had a house and Masjid in front of our office. That day, in 2013, he called me to congratulate me on my reversion to Islam, five years later, I acted as an Imam in a movie he directed. AlhmaduliLlah, his ‘aqeedah is undoubted.


Yesterday, I learnt this movie would be released on Sunday, 6th of May, 2018 at the African Hall, Ilorin, Kwara State by 10:00 AM. I actively participated in the movie to make sure it is not full of the usual shenanigans we see in “Islamic Movies” today and also, if we criticize, we need to show them how it should be done. Yes! We have a husband and wife in the movie but there is no hugging, kissing, pecking and indecent dressing. We hope this is a beginning to the change that would and should befall movies with Islamic themes someday e


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman (CEO,

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