Know Islam, Know Paradise

Today, we live in a world where criticism is cheap, the value of education is lost and commonsense is scarce. That everyone is privileged  to utter what speech they want, what words they want to write has given birth to petty, unintelligent and cheap criticisms.

As a Muslim, I find it disturbing when non-Muslims blame Islam for the deeds of ISIS, Boko Haram and other terrorist groups when groups like these do not just constitute of a minute population of Muslims, their deeds, acts and activities are totally against the teachings, tenets and fundamentals of Islam.

Having understood that only an insincere ignorant  fellow would attack Islam with the actions of an ignorant Muslim, I do not employ their own forms of criticisms lest they view me with the same measure.

If any individual either priest, bishop, missionary, Evangelist of any religion commits an act not endorsed by their religion, I will not use it as an attack on their faith, rather I keep them for records perchance anyone of them would attack Islam by the deeds of an ignorant Muslim then I will use what I have in record as defense making him realize that if the deeds of an ignorant Muslim is enough to judge Islam, then the deeds of an ignorant person in his religion should be enough to judge his religion.


In every religion, faith or belief, we have had deviants, heretics, sects and fractions sometimes splitting into over hundreds. Since these answering misconceptions about comparative religion series is within the scope of Islam, I will write in light of Islam.

The critics of comparative religion in Islam believe that being a comparator does not only make you lack proper knowledge about Islam, it also makes the comparator have wrong aqeedah, the former and latter being wrong.

In previous publications, I have argued that there are thousands of Muslim who are ignorant and they don’t engage in comparative religion and that you cannot be a comparator except that you have knowledge about Islam. As an Islamic comparator, you are comparing Islam and something, if then you do not have Islamic knowledge, what would you compare? Nothing. So, this misconception is answered and the next issue is Aqeedah.

Indeed, the scholars were so right to have said that anyone who would engage in comparative religion should be vast in Islamic knowledge. Those who say comparative religion gives you wrong Aqeedah say it because there are some comparators who are deviants and heretic, this is true.

However, one should note that Comparative religion does not on its own have a set of rules and it is incapable of influencing anyone except one who shuns proper Islamic knowledge. If a person does not know about Islam and engages in comparative religion, why should comparative religion be blamed?

The fact is many of these comparators who are deviants and heretic do not find it in comparative religion rather it is their ‘aqeedah prior to have found interest in comparative religion.
There is nowhere comparative religion says hate the sunnah, misunderstand Qur’an, reject hadiths, say Jesus is not coming back or find interest in insulting the renowned sunnah scholars.

There are many deviant and heretic groups. Some of these heretics found interest in comparative religion then it looks comparative religion is responsible  for their deviance. The vast majority of deviants in Islam today are not comparators.

In the next publications, we will discuss and refute those who reject hadiths (Qur’aniyyun) , hate the sunnah and its scholars, claim Jesus is dead and not coming back etc. IN SHAA ALLAH

Anyone who judges comparative religion by a comparator’s ignorance about Islam but does not use the comparator who loves and upholds the sunnah as a standard to judge comparative religion, He or she is not different from those who blame Islam for the deeds of terrorist groups.


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