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And before you celebrate your Valentine…

February 14, 2018 Science and Technology Uncategorized 0

And before you celebrate your Valentine…

Written by Olatunde Azeezah



Origination of this brutal celebration, Valentine can be pinned down to a day of excruciation in its true apogee. Historical fact maintains that the festival passed through different dates until 14th February was universally agreed to be marked as Valentine day.

Also, on the 14th of February Emperor Claudius II executed two men that are both named Valentine. Their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine’s day. This is what my people now tagged as modern love- valentine.

During the era of “Lupercalia”, men sacrifice goats and dogs then spanked naked women with the hides of the animals they had slaughtered with hopes of increasing the women fertility which further stress that the origin of the celebration is nothing than paganism.

Despite the vicious circumstances that surrounds the origin of valentine, lovers chose the day to celebrate love, oblivious of the fact that it’s a day of tragedy in reference to its origin – a solid fact!

*Should love be celebrated once in a year?*

The 14th of February has been tagged by everybody as a day to express their love and affection for their partner. Married couples chooses this day out of the 365days we have in a year to show and express their feelings — an erroneous thought. What will be the case of other days? Other days are used to throw tantrums and show hatred whereby the coming of valentine will then give their emotion a vicissitude just for the Love day – Valentine. The misconception surrounded by February 14 has given birth to a lot of apathetics and nonchalant behaviors in the heart of married couples.

My submission is that married couples shouldn’t wait for the 14th of February before going out for a date, putting smiles on each other face, spending time with each other. Love should be in existence every seconds of our life not every 86,400seconds of a year. This erroneous belief about Valentine has wrecked home and cause discordant in marriage. The quality and attribute of true love is that it is essential for life and not something temporary or unstable.

*Valentine; A lustful day in disguise*

The celebration of valentine rationalize an ulterior motive in teenagers to engage in illicit activities, it energises them more to commit unlettered crimes, they claim to have a time out and spend the whole day with their supposed lovers. At a time, their fake love went to air and transformed to lust which wear them like a gown knowingly or unknowingly. Some innocent girls often lose their virginity on this day because the day has been disguised for lovers to explore and go beyond bounds all in the name of expressing what they feel for themselves.

Married couples on the other hand that are not satisfied with each other also take it as an opportunity to engage in adultery, some whose partner may not be present feels it’s legitimate on them to express their love to someone else then the idea of blind date comes up so they can spend the day with total stranger and the end results is adultery, unwanted pregnancies,formication and STDs.

The love celebrated on Valentine day is a total misnomer to the meaning of LOVE. What is love?

Love is “an intense feelings of affection and care for another person” while the lust they engage in means “a feeling of strong desire, especially of a sexual nature”, the difference between both is quite lucid and the one that is celebrated is very vivid. Valentine encourages lust and not love.

Valentine day is the celebration of Death:

Let’s travel back in time. The two valentines were executed by Emperor Clausdius II, it can be deduced that every valentine celebration is equivalent to death celebration. It’s also the return of paganism into the modern world. This is so because women are being oppressed in guise of making them fertile, in the modern days, women too are assaulted when they are forcefully raped by their lovers – teenagers.

Also research shows that 75% of suicide attempt are attributable to relationship problems There is nothing that worths celebrating In this tragic day where the symbol of love is held high. To nail it, some commit suicide after they could not live with the stigma of Valentine or fear of shame.

This celebration is also embolden by teachers in secondary schools whereby they order the students to bring gift that is to be exchanged among their peers.
This act plants seeds of affection in the heart of the students thereby inciting them to be morally debased.

I will like to endeavour all teachers, parents and guardians to guide their children well and to not in any form encourage the celebration of Valentine. Won’t you think before you celebrate the brutal celebration? And before you celebrate Valentine, think!

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