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ADVISE TO MY SOUL By Aaminah Qasim Oniwarere & Fauziyyah Ibrahim

March 13, 2019 Islamic Poems 0


I stared to some years back, remembering the game we played with a sack, visiting the amusement park and much more, there’s nothing we lack

Oh you believing Soul! bow down before your Lord, for He is the creature of rainbow, the time you have is now.

I advice you to take a vow of worshipping only Him. He alone can cure you from snow blindness and give you a snow cream. An advise to my soul.

Oh my nafs!
Harken to the call of your Lord. Like a mother responds to her crying ward.

Be white like snow; just like the soul of a muhsin
Wash your self of black stains from sins. Be like the followers of nabiyy.

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Oh dear.
The world is shinning in phase. Fear the day of dust-full faces.

The sweetness of zina you enjoyed. Will be cut of by the soul you never enjoined.

Towards goodness when you were leased. The day it decides to return to its Lord.

Oh my Soul!
What will be your turnout
On the day we would be turned out!

And vomited from the soil. Like a mother to be; suffering from hyperemesis, Prepare for your day of nemesis.

It catches up so quick
Like a cheetah running to survive its prey.

The time has gone, stronger is your bone, Ancestors are none, souls has been taken away from different zones.

Worship your Lord deftly before your time is gone and before death chooses to give you a hefty loan.

Here’s the little advice worthy to be followed, don’t let your heart to be a hollow, but instead let it be a little mellow.

Aaminah Qasim (PenRoll) &  Fauziyyah Ibrahim (WordWorld)


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