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5 ALIVE By Ummu Ubaidah Penword

April 16, 2018 Islamic Poems 0

5 Alive is true to life!

To stay alive and try to strive

In the pool of knowledge we take a Dive

To know of the 5 pillars that make us strong

Of which Solah is also among

Even in the most bizarre situation I tell u to Pray

For 5 Alive is not a game to play

Kalimatu Shahadah is the 1st

Observing Solah is the 2nd

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is the 3rd

Paying Zakat is the 4th

Going to Hajj if you have the means is the 5th

These are the 5 Pillars that altogether make 5 Alive!


©Ummu Ubaidah Penword

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