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Misgoded reading continued

Click here for previous session     Beloved,¬†do not believe every¬†spirit,¬†but test¬†the¬†spirits,¬†whether they¬†are of¬†GodÕ嬆because many false prophets have¬†gone out¬†into¬†the world.¬†By¬†this¬†you¬†know the¬†Spirit of¬†God:¬†every spirit that confesses¬†that Jesus Christ has¬†come¬†in¬†the¬†flesh¬†is of¬†God,¬†and every¬†spirit that¬†does not confess¬†that Jesus Christ¬†has¬†come in¬†the¬†flesh¬†is not of¬†God.¬†And¬†this is¬†the¬†spirit¬†of¬†the¬†Antichrist,¬†which¬†you¬†have¬†heard was¬†coming, and is¬†now already¬†in the world. This verse not¬†only¬†clarifies¬†the human¬†nature of¬†some¬†‚Äúspirits‚Ä̬†(i.e.,…

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E X C L U S I V E ! ACADIP NIGERIA Presents Three Events in One Day

Behold: It Is Exclusively E X C L U S I V E ! ūüéÄ ūüéÄ ūüéÄ (Three Events in One Day) SPECIAL RECEPTION in honour of over 400 New Reverts to Islam: ūüďöFirst CONVOCATION of ACADIP Institute of Comparative Religion Studies (AICOS): ūüŹÖPresentation of AWARDS of EXCELLENCE: DATE: Sunday,…

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