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Iran and Iraq to hold joint border drills

Military exercises to take place near Iran’s border with Iraqi Kurdistan in response to ‘illegitimate’ referendum. Iran is cooperating with Iraq in building pressure on Iraqi Kurds [File: A Kenara/AFP/Getty Images] The Iranian and Iraqi armies will hold joint drills at several crossings on Iran’s border with the autonomous Iraqi…

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Nigerian Pastor Arrested For Making “Outrageous Comments” About Islam.

Nigerian Pastor Arrested For Making “Outrageous Comments” About Islam. September 30, 2017 A popular Sierra Leone-based Nigerian pastor, Victor Ajisafe has been arrested by the government after he was found to have made certain outrageous comments about Islamic religion during his Sunday sermon. Ajisafe, was arrested in Sierra Leone after…

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The Bible: God's words or men's?

THE BIBLE: GOD’S WORDS OR MEN’S? I do not accept the Bible as God’s word because it contains thousands of numerical errors, variations, interpolations, inconsistencies, anachronisms, historical fallacies, mathematical errors, concoction, fabrications, geographical errors, scientific errors and contradictions that can never be solved. The above words I used to qualify…

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