Christianity, Divine or Defined?   In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful. Ask the nearest Christian to you right now, What is Christianity? You will certainly hear, it’s simply “salvation”. That is the most intellectual dishonest answer I have heard from Christians. In fact, it’s like trying…

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Misgoded reading continued

Click here for previous session     Beloved,¬†do not believe every¬†spirit,¬†but test¬†the¬†spirits,¬†whether they¬†are of¬†GodÕ嬆because many false prophets have¬†gone out¬†into¬†the world.¬†By¬†this¬†you¬†know the¬†Spirit of¬†God:¬†every spirit that confesses¬†that Jesus Christ has¬†come¬†in¬†the¬†flesh¬†is of¬†God,¬†and every¬†spirit that¬†does not confess¬†that Jesus Christ¬†has¬†come in¬†the¬†flesh¬†is not of¬†God.¬†And¬†this is¬†the¬†spirit¬†of¬†the¬†Antichrist,¬†which¬†you¬†have¬†heard was¬†coming, and is¬†now already¬†in the world. This verse not¬†only¬†clarifies¬†the human¬†nature of¬†some¬†‚Äúspirits‚Ä̬†(i.e.,…

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E X C L U S I V E ! ACADIP NIGERIA Presents Three Events in One Day

Behold: It Is Exclusively E X C L U S I V E ! ūüéÄ ūüéÄ ūüéÄ (Three Events in One Day) SPECIAL RECEPTION in honour of over 400 New Reverts to Islam: ūüďöFirst CONVOCATION of ACADIP Institute of Comparative Religion Studies (AICOS): ūüŹÖPresentation of AWARDS of EXCELLENCE: DATE: Sunday,…

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Special reception from ACADIP Nigeria

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from ACADIP NIGERIA A CALL FOR ADVERTS_ This is to inform the Muslim Ummah, that, whoever wishes to advertise his or her _Halaal Business_ in ACADIP BROCHURE that would be published for the Event of January 14th, 2018 at Ibadan _(Special Reception for over 400 Reverts/First AICOS Convocation…

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