Is Jesus the only way to eternal life?

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I will not throw in much lines nor quote verses in this paper. I willll dwell more on use of logic. We do not have a problem believing him to be if only you can bring another source that says he is the only way to eternal life because we cannot accept a statement backed only by a book filled with errors, contradictions, anachronisms, discrepancies, interpolations etc. where kings and poets have had their parts in adding and removing what suit them.

Before Jesus, we have people like David, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, Joseph, Elijah, Nehemiah, Jeremiah etc., they died before the advent of Jesus and the CruciFICTION, are they not going to inherit eternal life since they do not believe in Jesus?

Jesus said, “This is ETERNAL LIFE that they may know you are the ONLY TRUE GOD and JESUS Christ who you have SENT”. Jesus here was referring to people around him, what of those before him? Is it not sufficient to believe that for every people there was a messenger SENT from God teaching how to know the only true God and those who follow inherit eternal life? For as Moses was sent same as Noah, Amos, Ezekiel etc. so was Jesus, these people calling unto God, so was Jesus and of course, the last Messenger, MUHAMMAD, The seal of the messengers.

If Jesus is truly the only way to eternal life, did He also served as a way to eternal life for the angels as he is the ONLY WAY given that angels have eternal



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