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May 26, 2017 Articles On Islam 0

If i could write on the year 570 AD
It was the birth of the awaited prophet
When Mankind was in its darkest hour
Injustice everywhere

The good are weak
The bad had power
So many hardship

It was the same day which king
Araham Ashram the Abyssians king
Aimed of destroyin the ka’bah

He and his army rode on elephant to makkah
Intoxicated with power and fired by fanaticism
It was a big expenditution against makkans

But his plan was foiled when Allah (SWT)
Sent His garrison in form of birds
Which carried stone baked with clays

They threw it to them from every angle
Then they were defeated
And the innocent makkans ware saved

Then our noble prophet was born (SAW)
Who did not meet his father(Abdullah) on earth
His mother was Ameenah

He preached to all people
Selective, he was not
Yet he faced so many hardship

But now he is gone but his deeds are alive
He is our model and the leader to the muslim ‘ummah
And he left us with the holy Qur’an and Hadith

He showed us the way and asked us to cling to Allah
In submission to Allah; Islam
That path of all prophets
The path to salvation
And we’ll meet him insha allah

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